Adrienne Maloof Bashes Brandi Glanville for Inappropriate Children Comments

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Adrienne Maloof is peeved at her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co star.

On last week's episode of the Bravo hit, Maloof and her now-ex husband got into a fiery exchange with Glanville over comments the latter made regarding her Adrienne's family.

Even Brandi has admitted she went to far when she talked of a Maloof family "bombshell."

Maloof, Adrienne
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But Maloof isn't ready to let Glanville off the hook.

"From the very beginning of the show, I set parameters and made it clear that my children would not be in the storyline," Maloof tells Us Weekly, adding:

"It is my right, as a mother, to protect the innocence of my young children on my timetable. I am shocked that Brandi, as a mother, would do something so hurtful to gain attention and relevance at the expense of other's."

Shocked? Really?!? Have you met Brandi Glanville, Adrienne?


As the name implies Brand's a bitch! She forgot that Adrienne was the one that brought her in. So sick of hearing her cry about being a single mother tying to support her children. She's so bitter against the other rich women. No wonder Eddie left her! Good riddance.


Someone is going to bust Brandi in the face. She doesn't know how to PLAY the real housewives game. Some topics are off limits when you are trying to start a fight for ratings. Just ask Bethanny Frankel and Jill Zarin.


One attention seeker commenting on another attention seeker. tit and tat


Kim Richard's could not wait to repeat Brandi's comment. Kim could have called Adrienne prior to the party. Kim needs long term therapy to address her needy, co- dependent, histrionic behavior. Brandi should have never repeated the rumor about Adrienne to anyone. I love Brandi. The other women constantly bully her and she reacted. Brandi is surrounded by several women with drug and alcohol problems. Yolanda is a welcome addition to the cast.

Kellie m
@ Lashonda

Oh come on now...Lisa Vanderpump is Brandi's BFF on the show...along with Lisa's hubby. They never bully Brandi. I don't really care for Yolanda. She is snide and condescending.


Team Brandi!! She says it like it is. Who can forget Kim and Kyle hiding her crutches the first time brandi met them. She called Kim out for having chemical health issues. An addict is an addict regardless if it is meth or etoh. Nice to see cocaine addict Faye Resnick defending the Richard's sisters. Brandi is always expected to apologize for any minor indiscretion, but no one else! Adrienne came looking for a fight with Brandi. She found one and lost.


Adrienne is better than Brandi!!! Anyone is better than Brandi....


Adrienne thinks she's better than Brandi and has a sense of entitlement that is very annoying ! after i saw her throw her then close friend and neighbor under the truck on national tv she lied ! i don't believe anything she says ! Brandi is blint but she says it like it is she's not a hypocrit like her and the Richard sisters ! you go Brandi !


I love Brandi. She's my favorite housewife. She pulls no punches and I respect her for that. Adrienne on the other hand is a pampered bitch who's never had to work a day in her life. She has no idea what the real world is like. Or what it is like to take care of your kids or do housework because she has servants to do it all for her. I am team Brandi all the way. She should have bitch slapped Adrienne when she told her to shut he fuck up. And she has every right to resent that skanky, home wrecking bitch, squinty-eyed whore Leann Whats-Her-Face. I can't wait until Eddie Cibrian cheats on her ugly ass. You go, Brandi!

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