Tomb of the Unknowns Facebook Photo Lands Massachusetts Woman in Hot Water

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Lindsey Stone, a Massachusetts woman, has been placed on unpaid leave from her job after posting a photo to her Facebook page from the Tomb of the Unknowns.

See it here and see why:

Tomb of the Unknowns Facebook Photo

The picture shows Stone, an employee at LIFE (Living Independently Forever) in Hyannis, giving the middle finger and miming a loud yell at the D.C. landmark.

The photo in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns' sign encouraging “silence and respect” went viral, with a "Fire Lindsey Stone" Facebook page gaining 19,000 fans.

Those 19,000 fan will be pleased to learn that Stone has been placed on unpaid leave.

LIFE, a program aimed at supporting independent living for adults with learning and intellectual disabilities, has yet to comment on the subject.

Meanwhile, Stone and her friend, who took the photo, wrote an apology in the Boston Herald, stating that the photo was “intended only for our own amusement.”

Maybe you shouldn't have put it on Facebook then, Linds. WILD CONCEPT, we know.

The apology states that the photo was meant to be a visual pun “to depict the exact opposite of what the sign said" and was not meant to denigrate the site.

If Stone loses her job, she won’t be the first. A California woman, Denise Helms, got fired earlier this month for calling for President Obama's assassination on Facebook.

Nor will she be the last. The National Labor Relations Board has declared that social media postings are not protected under federal labor law.

A judge also ruled in May that a Like on Facebook can also get you fired. Good to know ... if you're dumb enough to post something like this in the first place.


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Bring soda

Please liberals, this matter is not and cannot be justified under the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech grants those who are subjected to the U.S. law the right to convey their ideas on political terms, yes. It, however, is not designed to support one’s act of public offense towards a third party. Stone thus were abusing her right to speak freely.


The agency she works for probably receives funding from the government...she brought bad publicity to that agency...ergo, she may have placed those funds into jeopardy and done harm to those clients they serve. If I was her boss, she would be history, for endangering the agency and it's clients. º¿º


Respect has nothing to do with it, they had no right to fire her, true it is a very distasteful photo, but free speech is her right.

@ kristylynn

still! she shouldn't of done that because that person died so tHAT IS AFFENCEIF JE WIZZ

Elaine brown

I don't agree with her behavior, but those that are violating her right to free speech, whatever the government level, are the animals. Back when our troops returned from Nam protestors handed them lunchbags of poo and they weren't arrested or prosecuted by anyone.


This isn't a matter of free speech. No one is calling for her to be arrested. The Constitution doesn't guarantee freedom from consequences of speech, just government prosecution. She can say whatever idiotic thing she likes, just like those who picket funerals can. That doesn't mean they can't be fired for it.

@ Nicolle

Well said, Nicolle.


so unprofessional.
well, she is a butcher's daughter. .................that's why.

British psycho

Am I missing something here? What does her job working wit disable people got to do with the National Cemetery? I thought she mowed the lawn at the graves or something. Whoever fired her must be one of those mentally diabled people Stone works with. Those 19,000 Facebook fans who wanted to fire this woman is disrespectful to the dead unknown soldiers who gave their lives so people like Stone can freely express their opinions. Dead soldiers lives meant nothing?


So people can disrupt a military funeral but she can't post a pic of whatever she wants wtf. It's called free speech and all that good stuff

@ Really

Good point however people need to learn respect. I'd fire her for that.

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