Obama Facebook Slur, Assassination Threat Gets Woman Fired

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A woman has been fired and reported to the U.S. Secret Service for a racial slur and apparent assassination threat against President Barack Obama on Facebook.

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According to California's Modesto Bee, Denise Helms, 22, went OFF on the social networking site after Obama won reelection over Mitt Romney Tuesday.

She called Obama the n-word, adding that "maybe he will be assassinated" this term.

Just kidding? Evidently not. Helms was then interviewed by a Sacramento TV station ... and she "wouldn't mind one bit" if someone assassinated Obama.

Helms was fired Thursday from her job at Cold Stone Creamery.

Manager Chris Kegle says the comments are disgusting and have no place within the company, but the pink slip is the least of Helms' problems right now.

Secret Service Agent Scott Gillingham in Sacramento says the incident is being investigated; threats against the POTUS can lead to felony charges.

THG NOTE: All you kids (and young adults with no common sense), it probably isn't worth using the following words, whatever your intention, online:

  1. Obvious racial slurs
  2. Obvious gay slurs
  3. Slavery
  4. Holocaust
  5. Assassination

Generally doesn't go over too well, however hilarious you think you are. Just putting that out there. You're welcome. Don't say we never did anything for you.


gingers stinks!


many may not like the outcome of the election but this is the plan that God has for our nation. We may think that we are in control but as soon as we realize that we are not the better off we will be as a nation. What we need to do is pray for the leaders of our country that god has set before us and pray that they will receive wisdom and come back to what our founding fathers had built this country on. One nation under God not under people

@ David

Yeah, but if we're rulled by God why would humans still be governing us? Daniel 2:44 says he'd bring an end to all earthly kingdoms (i.e. Governments). Therefor no more division. But if humans keep on trying to rule eachother we're going to stay miserable as people are right now.


its time to grow as a nation and love your neighbor. it doesnt look good now but if we attack each other it will just get worse. stay nation strong .

@ jonny

Well said! Problem is now this nation has been trashed by each other- called every name in the book.. Before the election-!! now we walk hand in hand, put a little love in our heart? Johnny- I'm losing money each day without even walking outside! Stocks dropping! 401 not going up and it mainly is because Obama will not lift restrictions to make growth possible! I fear the worst is yet to come and I say- let it come! The sooner we tear it all down the sooner the rebuilding can begin! People have no idea as to what the Obama vote has done. Social issues over the economy?????? How F*cked up can one be.


Obama isn't a U.S. citizen just look in his records, oops he has them sealed, so anyway, I rest my case & let y'all know that I was born, raised & defended my country & never got a visa to work here like he did. He was never here legally, but under a false pretense as a so called citizen.


There is no way possible Obama can follow thru on his promises. Illegal immigration will be talked about how it needs to be addressed for the next 4 years and nothing will be done. Gay Marriage will be a ploy the Democrats will use in order to get the vote. The layoffs for the remainder of the year will be astounding all as a result of small business's not being able to fund this. Can you just imagine any given idiot with a job hoping to get Obamacare- then they vote and now they are layed off, no job and still waiting on Obamacare. Its happening NOW! Celebrites and the way they trashed Repub's is who people listened to. What idiots. People- you have really really screwed up! Your asking Obama to do something he has never done - LEAD!


Read court case Rankin v McPherson (1987)


maybe her applepie failed?
..........WHO KNOWS!!


And then there's Chris Matthews who still has a job! This is all about what side of the fence you are on. Romney got death threats on Twitter constantly and nothing was done even after the Secret Service got involved. This country will stay divided down the middle. Obama won yet there are people who think the republicans lost. We lost nothing. The one thing I will agree with in what Obama said. He said that, ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! I agree, this election will most certainly have consequences.

@ Fox

Chris didn't call president are any body else a nigger u idiot

@ Fox

You sir, are a moron.

@ Jack Franklin

Read court case Rankin v McPherson (1987).

@ Jack Franklin

Most of the people on this site are. You should probably get used to it if you're planning to stick around.

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