The X Factor Results: Let's Talk About Six

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We're down to the special six on The X Factor, as two more contestants were sent home tonight.

Up first, just eight minutes and 12 irritating Khloe Kardashian remarks into the broadcast, PAIGE THOMAS heard her name called as the first singer eliminated.

It then came down to two surprising selections, considering the performance of CeCe Frey on Wednesday: Diamond White and Vino Alan sang for their X Factor lives.

Diamond went with "I Was Here," while Vino hopde to avoid "Trouble." Watch both renditions here:

So, what say you, judges?

With only L.A. Reid choosing to give Diamond the boot, VINO ALAN became the second finalist eliminated.

Do you agree with these choices?

Here's a look at how America has ranked the remaining six:

  1. Carly Rose Sonnenclar
  2. Tate Stevens
  3. Emblem3
  4. Fifth Harmony
  5. Cece Frey
  6. Diamond White

I thought it was another great night on The X Factor and I’m a bit surprised to find Vino Alan was sent home. I didn’t expect him to be eliminated but that’s what’s awesome about these types of shows, because you never know what to expect. I’m a primetime junkie and I enjoy all the shows I can handle and I’m sure glad I upgraded to the DISH Hopper DVR. This awesome DVR will allow me to get PrimeTime Anytime, which records the four major networks every night. My coworker at DISH suggested I get it to enhance my TV experience and make everyone happy. I used to have a mess at home, with all of my DVRs recording primetime shows and my family stuck with recordings. Now I can get all my shows sent to one TV and my families free to watch what they want on theirs, which makes everyone happy.

Shelly dufrisne gierke

I can't believe Cece is still on the show. She is always off key and its just getting painful to watch her. She doesn't seem to ever be above the bottom two so hopefully a few more painful performances & she will be gone! Vino was a 1000 times better than her and so was Page.


In the fiftees people trusted on talents alone.
THAT'S WHY WE HAVE "Chuck Berry", folks!!