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It was Divas Night on The X Factor Wednesday, as contestants took to the stage and belted out songs by famous women.

But which female contestant will enjoy the most success once Season 2 is said and done?

We've already asked readers to compare the young adults who performed. Are you on Team Jennel, Paige or CeCe?

Now we're back with the youngest remaining singers: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray. Compare these charges now and cast your vote...

Which performance did you like best?


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The X Factor took viewers by total and complete surprise last night, bringing back Diamond White after supposedly eliminating the 13-year old last Thursday.

Just kidding. This supposed twist was easier to see coming than the t-shirt Simon Cowell wears every week.

Still, White did make things interesting last night, turning a battle of three Teens into a showdown between four.

Which young hopeful performed the best? Watch the renditions now and then vote.

Which was your favorite teen performance?


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We're with you, too, Diamond White.

This young sensation shined once again on The X Factor stage last night. Or on the lawn of Britney Spears' house, to be more specific.

The incredibly young singer covered an Avril Lavigne classic and, as anyone with two ears can attest, put that hit artist to shame, really. Take a look and a listen to Diamon's version of "I'm With You."

The X Factor Season 2 may end up being a young woman's game, considering White's talent and considering how impressed we also are with Carly Rose Sonenclar.

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The X Factor brought the battles to Boot Camp last night.

Speeding through auditions on the way to choosing its final 24, the show pitted hopeful against hopeful last night, with one round seeing Dinah Jane Hansen and Diamond White each singing a verse from Kelly Clarkon's "Stronger."

Hansen, unfortunately, flubbed a few of the lyrics, while White - whose rendition of "I Have Nothing" we adored - was sweet and brilliant as ever.

Watch the video above and decide: Who won this battle?


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Forget the Presidential Debate?!? There was something far more combative on television last night:

The X Factor Boot Camp, as 60 contestant sang once again for the judges, who will soon whittle this group down to 24.

Who stood out from this group of hopefuls? It was hard not to be taken with 13-year old Diamond White, who impressed last week with "It's a Man's World" and sparkles here with "I Have Nothing."

Yes, she went with Whitney. How do you think Diamond did?

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She clearly has the name to be a star: Diamond White.

But did this 13-year old X Factor contestant prove last night that she possesses the talent? In two words: Heck. Yes.

Reminding viewers of last year's young sensation, Rachel Crow, Diamond listened to Simon Cowell, avoided singing Adele and settled on "It's a Man's World" instead, amazing attendees and viewers with her strong voice.

You've gotta watch this one:

Between White and CeCe Frey, the women were represented very well on The X Factor last night.

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