Texas Secession Movement Prompts Man to Change Middle Name to SECEDE (All Caps)

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The Texas secession petition has inspired one man, Larry Scott Kilgore, to change his middle name to “SECEDE” ... yes, all caps. Meet Larry SECEDE Kilgore.


The former Larry Scott Kilgore, a long-standing Republican candidate from Arlington, Tex., also revealed that he will run for governor of Texas in 2014.

That's probably the case whether Texas' secession plans succeed or not, we're guessing.

Kilgore’s official site sums up the wannabe governor’s views on breaking away from the U.S., with the header reading: “Secession! All other issues can be dealt with later.”

If that's not a profound political platform worth rallying behind, we don't know what is.

Kilgore’s name change comes after an online petition calling for Texas to secede from the United States surpassed 100,000 signatures earlier this month.

The White House is obliged to respond to any petition that tops 25,000 signatures.

The Texas secession movement began shortly after the re-election of President Barack Obama over Republican hopeful Mitt Romney on November 6.

Since the original Texas secession petition launched, Republican supporters from every other state have signed petitions asking for their states to secede.

However, everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the bid for secession.

The New York Times reveals that sales of bumper stickers reading “Secede” ($2, or 3/$5) have increased dramatically at TexasSecede (dot) com.

The White House is expected to respond to the Texas secession bid soon.


This is a very, very old issue. For some perspective, read “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.”
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I am very sorry my country has come to this. A tipping point has been passed. The majority of Americans now know they can vote themselves free money. In my opinion the only refuge for a person with my belief system is to live without the Federal Government. I am a Texan and support Texas' secession. Going forward I will be throwing my vote away on any candidate who supports Texas secession. I am also preparing for the worst as the thin veneer of societal civility is stripped away.


Please do secede, Texas. Texas is the biggest pit in the U.S. Oh, by the way, in much bigger and more important news, I just farted and I loved it.I love,lover,love that warm flutter down my pantleg. Oh come on! Admit it, you love to fart too.

@ Anne - Caroline Taylor.

What a highly educated comment


I am very thankful when guys like Larry Kilgore change their name. He should tatoo it on his forehead to make it easier to determine which blithering right wing numbskull to avoid when I'm in line at WalMart.

@ Phil Esteen

Too funny! Made my day :)


Wirh the moochers and morons giving the Obama weasel another 4 years to ruin the country, we arw in for a lot of problems.

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