Stacey Dash Unleashes Epic Post-Election Rant

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Stacey Dash has gone off on an unreal post-election diatribe lamenting Mitt Romney's defeat.

Unlike Victoria Jackson and Donald Trump, though, she makes some semblance of sense.

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In fact, the Clueless star expressed disappointment with Romney losing, but made it clear this was NOT the same as bashing President Barack Obama.

"He's brilliant, understated, ethical, a great husband and father," she wrote of Obama, calling him "one of the greatest leaders this United States of America has ever known."

"People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn't a vote against Obama."

Dash endorsed Romney "from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones."

She is "insulted with the idea that Obama was elected because he was black, that people of color wanted one of their own, regardless of what sort of leader he would make."

She went on to outline her hopes for a more inclusive GOP and end to gridlock.

"Although I am disappointed that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan did not win," the 46-year-old concludes, "I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that thrives."

Say what you want about the election results, the political system, Obama, Romney and Ryan, but you can't call Dash clueless for that sentiment.


Actually, Marie Antoinette found out that you can't eat your cake AND STILL HAVE IT (Bartletts Familiar Quotations)-and stacy too might find out that if you do the research dems manage the economy better than repubs!


Stacey Dash and Nicki Menaj are both traitors to their own race. Trust me. I have no respect for them. They are both losers like Romney.


The One Drop Rule ,is still in effect; no matter how hard you try to sound like them, or even point to direct lineage of them, in you,,,you`re still,,, all us. i`m sorry for the confusion you have suffered, since birth;you had nothing to do with accept it fully.NOT JUST TO GET BLACK ACTING ROLES


As a supporter of the President and believer in the democratic process the fallout over Stacey's comments have amazed me. First, the letter she wrote is hardly a rant. Second, the majority of the statement was written before the election results were in. While, I don't agree with her reasons for supporting Romney or in his ability to save the economy she is/was free to believe him. The great thing about this country is we have the right to free speech. Unlike many who will comment here, i did read her entire statement (not just the highlights in the article) and I did serve for my country and her right to say it. Stacey we may disagree on the politicians but I support your right to vote for whoever you like.


Stacey Lauretta endorsing is the and of your famous life.... believe it or not...the day you did. was the beginning of your disgrace....You will remember this comment...write it on your agenda today's date....


Umm a vote for Romney is a vote against Obama. You can't vote twice.... like Marie Antoinette soon found out you can't have your cake and eat it too... I really liked u and still think your pretty... but seriously shut up


B_tch please...


Idiots, this is not a rant. It is a preference. Take the victory, but save some credibility. It is certainly not an "EPIC" rant being "unleashed" .


Bish.. Don't try to do damage control now!!!

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