Victoria Jackson on Obama Reelection: Evil FTW!

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SNL alum and Tea Party member Victoria Jackson will see Donald Trump's rant and raise you an extra dose of post-President Obama reelection bitterness.

"America died," she tweeted last night. "I can't stop crying. America died."

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Apparently displeased with the 2012 election results, she went on:

"The Democrat party who voted God out of their platform and adopted Romans 1 as their platform won. In the Good vs. Evil Battle, today... evil won."

Jackson, a devout Christian, then did the Christian thing and ripped Christians. "Thanks a lot Christians, for not showing up. You disgust me," she wrote.


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"Obama the dog turd"....he is not even close to being a christian.He belives in collection salvation..WTF.. is that? Anyone on this planet that thinks Oturda is a christian is indeed a complete and utter baffoon of a moron!! He is the most evil,decieved soclialist shitstain to ever become president.The only reason he was voted in twice is because we have a nation of uneducated dipshits with the ability to vote baded on the "coolness factor" of the assclown seeking office.This country is full of completely empty,immoral,souless 20 yr and 30yr old something idiots.We live in a society where the younger generation goes to college to have sex and get drunk,not to learn.


This bitch is a christian lol, yeah right


I agree with Victoria. The USA is now so used to living with all the government's help it can get, instead of having pride is their own success. the next four years with Obummer in the Wh are going to be rough.


People crack me up. America spoke: they want to move forward. Repub party needs a makeover.


What a disgusting bitch. You can't call yourself a devout Christian while you sit there and bash others that share your faith. Maybe she should brush up on her faith a bit. Who does she think she is?

@ Samantha

You are the disgusting Obama bitch - Bitch! Your hand out just like every other entitled bitch! You call your Obama a Christian and his Recerend wright upbringing- you stupid bitch! Yeah you- Samantha! WTF DO U THINK YOUR SORRY ASS IS?

@ Becca

What the fuck if your problem, Becca? Every time you reply to someone, all you do is spew trash, bigotry, and racism. I don’t get handouts. You just assume I do because I voted for Obama, which I didn’t even mention in my comment. Obama is a Christian. He’s more of a Christian than half of the ignorant pieces of shit that call themselves so. People think that going to church in this day and age makes you a Christian. Well, it doesn’t! You have to practice what you preach, and most people don’t practice nowadays. You’re supposed to help those less fortunate than you without looking down your nose at them – something your ignorant ass isn’t capable of. What am I? I’m a good person that would help anyone I could, without complaining about how lazy they are. Why don’t you try to be a better person in the future?

@ Samantha

You are not in anyway a person who is qualified in being good at anything about judgement of anyone- you mouthy individual! ! You have spewed racism time in and time out! You trash Christians and conservatives- CONSTANTLY! Obama a Christian? You stupid bucket of crap- everyday --people have explained who exactly Obama is and you still voted for him! Obama is a hollow shell ( Like you) who doesn't give a damn about the American heritage or the Libyan dead or the Hurricane victims! You are a biased/prejudiced individual and the difference is- you try to hide it but anyone with a good eye can see it! Obama is a disgrace! And you voted for - what will be the fall of America- you FOOL! All you want is something free! Your pathetic!


Victoria Jackson is nothing but a whiny and washed-up HAS-BEEN. As far as I'm concerned, that crazy bitch stays with drama 24/7. Pathetic woman.

@ jaybird369

Victoria, Becca and the other TeaBuggerers..are going to be showing up in the ER as stroke victims if they keep up these sore loser tantrums. You know, the ER, the Tea Party insurance policy. Becca,sweetie....Mittens lost...the GOP lost....your ideas lost...and Obama is an American born Christian, And he is the President because more people voted for him and his ideas instead of yours. Its simple, Becca. Hate and lies don't win an election..
Your a sore loser who is useless to the cause of coming together to solve our problems. You lost, get over it.. .

@ jaybird369

Becca is a stinky cunt....

@ jaybird369

@becca: do the world a favour, please shoot yourself!

@ tequila911

I would love to take a dump in that antimated mouth of yours- if you reed me?


She is right now it's time to surround yourself with ONLY PEOPLE with your beleifs.