One Direction Fans Threaten to Murder Taylor Swift over Harry Styles Relationship

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are BFFs.

And now they have something unfortunate in common.

Gomez faced numerous death threats when her relationship with Justin Bieber first went public - and now Swift is undergoing the same disturbing treatment.

Taylor Swift AMA Pose

Taylor was spotted getting cozy with Harry Styles backstage at The X Factor on Thursday. Are they an item? It's possible. Is hand-holding a valid excuse for threatening the life of a stranger?

We don't believe so, but a few One Direction fans have taken to Twitter and posted such unsettling messages as:

  • “I’ll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry."
  • "If u dating my harry, I kill u.”

We're guessing/hoping these are empty threats, but come on people. Access to a keyboard does not give you an excuse to sound like a psychopath.

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I hate it when they do this. Its just disgusting. They act as if theyre actually going to date him. Its like theyre insane.


Holy Cow, Hater Girl! What are you thinking? I hope you relize you made a death treat(and that's a crime) If I were you, I would try to take down that terrible comment. I realize we all have opinions, but some of them are ment to be your little secret! I hope your parents/ police don't see your little comment. I personally support their love affair and I have a BFF that is in love with Harry and is a huge fan of Taylor. But she also supports the relationship. So I DO NOT agree with you, AT ALL!!!


OMG!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? People need to get their life goals in order. Even if you are MAD in love with Harry, there is no need to compromise Taylor's safety. It's just sad how people think these things.You know, DEATH TREATS:(). Besides, when you think about it. if they broke up, Taylors just gunna write a sad love song about it!


Seriously death threats? U got to be kidding with me.. Seriously, just because u r his fans, u really think that he is ur guys bf? Come on. Grow up. He single taylor single. So what is the problem? does he been forced into this relationship ( IF ITS TRUE)? NO. He is in becz HE WANT TO. if u guys are truly his fans, u should be happy for him. support his love. n BTW, seriously, if Harry want to be in the relay with Taylor, I think he is well-prepared. Why? becz they knew each other reputation n if they still wanna go on with it, ITS UP TO THEM JUST LET THEM BE> THEY R HUMAN BEING N THEY HAVE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHO THEY WANNA BE WITH.


first of all NO! i will not be shipping Haylor okay? i'm in tears cos of this stupid rumor. i am so upset okay? this all bullsh*t. and dafuq taylor? are you srsly considering to buy a house near harry's? -.- i used to be a swiftie and all not no okay? don't go for harry!!!!

@ not a shipper of 'haylor'

He is an idol but he still a human being..he has the right to choose who he wanna be with. If this is true or not, n u upset because of it, i feel sorry for u but dont u think as a fan u should be happy to see ur idol happy? just like others happy to see u r happy with ur soul mate. n about the house, i think she already planned to by the house few years ago..she just like to collecting properties u know..becz she used to say he dream one day, after married, she want to full time housewife..i think she just make a future planning... I know swift is a girl that wrote heart break song but she also write love songs. and not all her break up songs is hammering her ex in bad way. some in good ways like State of grace, and Back to December. but i understand ur sadness, n for that i feel sorry for you, but how about we let them to decide for themselves? like we wanna decide our love life our self..


What ever I do want to murder Taylor the One Directioners HATE this and I am a Directioner
I will help the people who want to murder Taylor she is unworthy of Harry

@ hater girl

*like not lie..sorry..

@ hater girl

U think she is unworthy? just becz u r his fan doesn't make u r allowed to bad-mouthed others. Especially a kind-heart girl lie Taylor Swift. U say u r a Directioner right? So y u can't be happy to see someone that u had been admired for so long happy? If they r in a relay ( IF) hat mean harry is happy with her. and just put urself in Harry place. He love someone, n he wanna work it out, he wanna enjoy the love time with her, but peoples that claimed to be his fans talk bad things about the person that he love, about the person he care about? what does that make he feel? Happy. NO HE IS NOT HAPPY WITH IT BELIEVE ME. just becz he famous, doesnt mean he doesnt have right to be with who he love..Please, if u like harry then be happy for him..if u r really his true fan u will understand my point.n forgive me if my comment seem offensive. Harry is a nice singer n i like him too..n i am happy to see him happy? don't u? and if harry really in relay with her, that is his right..let just wait-n-see..either way, both of them know each other, n both of them if they r together, r prepared with each other reputations. as a fan, IF this true, then let give him ner the support as a true fan. :)


ohhh taylor i feel sorry for you just do your thing...


you know what to do, taylor?
(americans are just talkers)


Teenagers and their problems


Man, what a sl*&$.... This woman has more men, than John Mayer has women.. Perhaps she should just not date for awhile. Obviously any relationship she has been in, really means nothing to her... Just goes from one to another. Shows how immature she is.