Lindsay Lohan on Good Morning America: Dishing on Liz & Dick, Playing Dumb on Half-Sister

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Lindsay Lohan promoted her new Lifetime movie Liz & Dick on Good Morning America Friday, awkwardly pleading ignorance on yesterday's big half-sister reveal.

For the most part, GMA was lobbing softballs at LiLo ... except when the subject of Michael Lohan's teenage love child - confirmed by DNA test on live TV - came up:

Asked what her reaction was to hearing she has a half-sister, Lindsay said "I didn't even hear that, so thanks for the news. I don't pay attention to any of that."

Sure. Hopefully we'll see better acting from Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick than we just did in the Good Morning America studio.


the BIG question in america: is she just dumb.....
..........OR EVEN DUMBER?


She is NO Liz Taylor. What was Lifetime thinking!?! Liz Taylor was drop dead gorgeous. Lindsay was a cute kid, but now she's a dull-skinned grown up who acts like a kid.


Just leave Lindsay Lohan alone. She may never change her behavior. There is nothing we can do.


I can smell the booze from her breath thru my computer. She is done take her out of the oven done .


WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER VOICE? Its like 90 year old smokers voice...i dont get it, does she need surgery? (not like the plastic kind on her face though, but she does pull off 47 well)


Lindsay's situation in not unlike so many other child actors who have great difficulty adjusting to adulthood in the spotlight. Many end up in a bad way.


Someone please make sure Mz LILO knows that she doesn't need to TRY to act dumb. That's a part of her persona already!!


I acturally watched some of it. It's so sad she is so delusional. Untill she comes to grips with her own crap she creates. Along with her looney family. She will never be respected. Her and kim k have become such a joke along with paris. This is the bunch that grew together.


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