Halle Berry to Seek Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

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Halle Berry is not wasting any time in her legal fight against ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

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    In reading some of the comments here, it seems like some men think if the woman behaves like a bitch, it's ok to abuse her. Your mama's need to be repeatedly slapped for raising children to feel like that. No one deserves abuse, no matter what they do. Cool heads can prevail and can even teach others how to keep a cool head regardless of what's going on.


    Very immature and stupid of him. No wonder she left his butt. Keep the child from him, she doesn't need to see his childish behavior.


    I quit watching Halle Berry's movies years ago. Halle is nothing but an obnoxious and overrated D-I-V-A. Gabriel Aubry should consider himself lucky to no longer being in a relationship with that loudmouth windbag Halle. As for you, Olivier Martinez...trust me, dawg...you are nothing but Halle Berry's BITCH!!!!! Most of all, ShadowRider is so RIGHT ON...that recent Thanksgiving brawl between Gabriel and Olivier totally reeks of a fucking set-up. STUPID AS HELL!!!!!

    @ jaybird369

    You're delusional!!! Halle grew up in a single parent home. She not only worked hard to get where she is, she worked hard to get out of the rut she grew up in, a single-unmarried-mama rut so many children never escape from. She left Aubry because of his temper that he in his immaturity and stupidity can't seem to control...Stupid because a smart man would realize if he did control his temper from there on out, the woman would have no proof against him. The fact the judge charged him and not Martinez is proof of Aubrey's stupidity in continuing his bad behavior.

    @ Frogmore

    Dude...I am N-O-T delusional!!!!! And, Halle may have worked hard to get where she is, but along the way she has back-stabbed and double-crossed so many people over the years (from what I've heard) that she has stepped on more than a few toes in order to get to the top (or whatever) in Holly-Weird. And, Halle has a really bad temper herself. Case closed. PEACE-OUT!!!!!


    After reading after Aubrey was knocked out Martinez was dancing and yelling Worldstarrrrr and Berry was whooping it up screaming "you got the f---knocked out" and rejoicing, has to be a set up. And they are definitely low life. Never will ever watch a Berry Movie again. Oh, never have. Dont like mean thugs.


    I have believed from the beginning that she just used him as a sperm donator.


    Karma will bite this vindictive b!tch in the @rse very soon! I predict her and OM's relationship will start to unravel as soon as they get their way and make for France...just like all her other previous relationships...


    This reeks of a set up. Halle Berry is about as low as you can get on the "slug" scale. I hope the courts award the father his kid and let Berry go to France. She is crazy.


    She has crazy eyes.


    Halle is disgusting this was so a set up


    Am I the only one that thinks this sounds crazy. Aubrey has the black eye and he gets arrested?? Custody dispute....they new he was coming...plenty of time to plan their scheme...two words against one. I wouldn't believe everything you hear... This sounds
    all too familiar to me

    @ susan j

    Right after loosing her custody battle. She is sneaky. Oliver she is going to bring you down.

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