Gabriel Aubry: Olivier Martinez Started It! Threatened to Kill Me!

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Gabriel Aubry is telling a very different story than the one that's been reported regarding his brawl and arrest for battery on Thanksgiving.

With Halle Berry looking to get a restraining order against him, Aubry has already also obtained one against the actress' fiancee, Olivier Martinez, saying in court documents that the French actor brutally beat him on Thursday after threatening him the day before.

According to the Canadian model in a sworn declaration, this is what led to the Gabriel Aubry assault charges:

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla
Olivier Martinez Pic

At a school event on Wednesday, Martinez approached Aubry and told him - in French - that he wished he could "beat the sh-t out of him."

Fast forward to Thanksgiving around 10 a.m. and Aubry alleges that Martinez - as opposed to the nanny, which had been customary - met his enemy at the front door when Aubry dropped Nahla off to spend the day with her mother.

From there, Martinez leaped off the stairs and went all Chris Brown on Aubry, beating him and yelling that Aubry cost him $3 million in his and Berry's failed attempt to move Nahla to Paris.

He slammed Aubry's head against the driveway and eventually told him: "We called the cops... you're going to tell them that you're the one who attacked me, or I'm going to kill you."

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that Aubry did not mention this threat when they initially talked to him at the scene.

Berry's side, of course, says that Aubry initiated the brawl, going "nuts" soon after dropping Nahla off for the day, according to the first report filed after this story broke.

So it's your basic case of He Said/He Said/This All Sucks for the Toddler Stuck in the Middle of It. Whose side are you on?


how could someone do this to the father of his lover's kid.. I'm sorry.. not that I believe to full extend what I read, but it seems more legit for Martinez to have picked up the fight, being angry for not being able to move to France with Berry as planned. Whatever actually happened, though, a simple punch would do it.. However he really beat the crap out of him!!! So disgusting.. And what was Berry doing?!?! And how could she plan to take the kid away from her father on the first place? I hate such women.. If you have a child from a previous marriage you cannot just decide to move to France with you current fling just cause he has some business there.. If he loves you he would never ask you to do something like that, as this would hurt your child.. Guess they don't care about that much..

Anna doe

That Martinez might have started it with the "We have to get a move on" comment, I believe that. Yet, the whole "he threatened to kill me, called the cops blah blah blah", I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT. Both Aubry and Martinez are not American and non-American people know how some things, expressions are such a big deal to American people like the whole "I'm gonna beat the shit out of you". I am both French and Canadian, and even in France-French and Quebec-French, I still don't get how somebody can literally tell someone "I'm gonna beat the shit out of you." Besides, Aubry applying for a civil injonction against Martinez is a lawyer trick, just to prove that he wasn't the bad guy here. I ABSOLUTELY agree that it is UNFAIR he's now forbidden to see his daughter and that Halle wanna make that permanent. However, unless he's cornered, his latest legal move was a dumb one, especially if he wasn't smart enough to report the threat to the police. Seriously people, take a step back: the above extracts of Aubry's sworn declaration are sketchy and being sworn has never prevent people from rearranging the truth.

@ Anna Doe

Okay ...way to much to read let's keep simple. Oliver beat him beyond the point of self-defense! . Broken ribs, face look like rocky4 movies. Look up pictures, on the Web. the hashes in Gabes head shows he much of been. Jumped sue the hell out of Oliver

Anna doe

Wow, given the 84% who are on Team Aubry, I guess this blog's readers are complete suckers and don't mind having their intelligence insulted.
Martinez allegedly to Aubry: "We called the cops... you're going to tell them that you're the one who attacked me, or I'm going to kill you." Seriously? Even in a bad gangster movie, you wouldn't have a line like this. Why any dad in his right mind who has just thwarted an attempt to have his baby girl removed away from him would agree, even under duress, to admit to the cop that he started a fight, unless he's a pussy? And how strong, coercitive, convincing and daring Martinez is to tell someone: "Oh, never mind I'm beating the shit out of you right now, I called the cops and you're gonna exonerate me."? Don Corleone must be beating himself down for not thinking about that one. Gullible and dumb that much, eh?

@ Anna Doe

Have you seen the pictures? Im a cop and I can tell you for sure Oliver had to of jumped Gabe. And self-defense doesn't fly


acting mature is for every man in hollywood pretty difficult.


Absolutely Horrible what Oliver did to this little girls father, just disgusting!! He should be arrested for criminal assault and battery and Deported! In fact, that little girl should be no where near that animal who assaulted her father. How interesting the security tape has been destroyed.

@ mike cohen

oliver should be deported immediately, the man is dangerous. he should go back to his country


I agree with the comment by Irene Tyson. All three adults have behaved badly in this custody dispute, but Martinez is the supporting cast member in this divorce drama and needs to stay out of it. Halle reportedly has a history of abusive relationships and it seems this trend is continuing, based on what we've seen of her boyfriend's temper so far. I wouldn't want my child to be around someone who inflicted the kind of damage Martinez did to Aubry on Thanksgiving.

Irene tyson

I believe Gabriel's account of what happened. He had just won the case against Halle, which forbade her from moving his child to another country. What did he have to be mad about. He was obviously happy, and they were the ones upset! He should sue Halle and Olivier for damages, and seek full custody of his daughter. No father should have to go through this crap, to be able to spend time with his child!

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