Gabriel Aubry Free on Bail, Headed to Court

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We have an update on the Gabriel Aubry arrest from yesterday:

Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend and current baby daddy made an enormous scene yesterday at the actress' home Thanksgiving morning, getting into a scuffle with Olivier Martinez that landed both in the hospital and Aubry in jail.

He was booked on charges of misdemeanor battery.

Nahla and Dad

After posting $20,000 bail, Aubry was released around 6:30 p.m. local time last night. He is due in court on December 13.

Berry was present at the altercation and reportedly grabbed daughter Nahla as soon as it turned ugly, bringing into a room far away from the action. Many other witnesses were also on the scene.

The Oscar winner is yet to release a statement.


Halle needs to stop this mess if she didn't want this man to be in his daughters life,she should have wrnt to a sperm bank, that way no man would be involved. Tjat childs father has right to be in his childs life. This coming from a black woman who doesn't have kids. God bless Aubery. Halle GOD don't like ugly. Karmas a BITCH!!!!!


please mess things up, gabriel.


olivier martinez is not making many movies and halle berry is rich, when his ex girlfriend had breast cancer there was a split between the two in no time, i think halle is fool not to stick with gabriel,


Hang in there ,Gabriel, it,s clear you love this adorable little girl!, Halle, & Martinez are mostly to blame for this!!


Look how happy she looks with her Dad Halle has driven him just about crazy I don't condo violence but how many times does he have to fight for his kid to see him?

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Gabriel Aubry was the longtime boyfriend of Halle Berry. He's still the father of her daughter, Nahla, of course, who was born at 10:17... More »
Montreal, Canada
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Gabriel Aubry

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We have no plans for marriage. We are more married than ever, really.

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I mean, look at her - she is unbelievable! She is the best mom that anybody could ask for -- or wish for!

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