Chris Brown Concerts Advertised With Battered Rihanna Photos in Sweden

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Posters featuring Rihanna's battered face have been plastered around Stockholm, Sweden, protesting Chris Brown's concert in the city November 19.

Point, Stockholm:

Rihanna Beaten Face Poster

The posters feature the Rihanna photos taken by police after Brown's 2009 arrest for felony domestic violence. It's not known who is responsible for the "advertisements."

The objective, clearly, is to compel concert organizers to cancel Brown's show because of his violent past; this is not the first such opposition he's encountered.

Nor will it be the last, at this rate and given his rekindled romance with Rihanna.

In September, unknown parties in England adorned his album with warning stickers that read, "WARNING: Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women."

The stickers were removed quickly by HMV, but not before photos circulated.

Fellow musicians, such as Miranda Lambert, have also taken a stand against Brown, upset with the adulation of the Grammy Awards and Team Breezy.

The R&B singer remains toxic to many artists, even as his star keeps rising.

Last month, Irish hip-hop group the Original Rudeboys turned down an opportunity to play with Brown as special guests at Brown's O2 show.

"Even though it's a huge opportunity to play in the 02 with a major hip hop star, we are completely against Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna," member Sean Walsh said.

"In addition, with our latest single Blue Eyes being about domestic violence it goes against everything we are about and supporting Chris Brown would send the wrong message."

Bottom line? Many aren't willing to forgive Brown for his actions.

But Rihanna has. They collaborated on a new track, appropriately called "Nobodies Business," and have been spotted together frequently of late.

He may or may not make an appearance in the Rihanna "Diamonds" video, as well, but he's definitely making his presence felt in her life again.

For his part, he says he's trying to be a better person, though his actions often send a different message, fueling his critics every step of the way.

Wash, rinse, repeat, date Rihanna.

Are you on Chris Brown's side?


love is truly blind


Chris we share one thing we came to existence on the same day and it seems it like we never like or encourage the irationaled act by ladies and we want to be free as much as we can from my evaluation but we are very good guys in heart kind ness rule let forgive chris and move on no one is so perfect, consinder the age factor at the time he did that just imaturity act as many we did insulting cutes


all this is foolishness why can't they leave the guy alone? who in this world that have never done something bad before????? why is it so hard for people to forgive? or is it because he is BLACK??? he has said sorry more than a million times and he has done all what they asked him to do. what did u want him to do again? to chop off his head and put it in a plate for you to eat it???? let CHRIS be pls enough is enough


now at days pplz are so stupid that they don't understand to leave the past in the past..we all make body is perfect and we never gonna be perfect


And all morons need to shut up and quit defending these douches. Sweden ROCKS!!


All the haters need to stay out of Chris and RiRi's business.


He should still be beating the whore...she must like it...she is still fooling around with him..just listen to the tracks on their new album..this child is a FREAK...


That is actually very disrespectful to rihanna. Do you think that she wants people seeing her in this swollen and hurt state? Whoever put these up are inconsiderant morons. Would not be surprised if chris doesn't show up, which would accept more people than these stupid posters will


Look at that, a country with higher standards on personal conduct than America. Bugger eh?


That is str8 b.s. I wonder if he can sue, being that he did complete everything he was told 2 do & being that RiRi doesn't have a prob w/ him, y the f*ck is any1 else all up n his sh*t?! I'm not a big fan, but dang, stop jocking him

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