'Chris Brown Beats Women' Stickers Affixed to Singer's Albums in UK

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Chris Brown has redeemed himself since - or at least succeeded in spite of - beating the crap out of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He's one of the hottest acts in music today.

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    I want to know, why not talk about Charlie Sheen? How many times have this guy been in and out of jail, for beaten so many women? At least Chris is trying re-build career the right way without getting into trouble. I am so proud of Chris for keeping himself in good well behave person. Keep God in favor Chris Brown and everything will be ok. Never let these haters block you from your blessing.


    I don't believe men who beat women can ever be 100% rehabilitated. I believe whatever set him off with Rihanna, should it happen again, will set him off again. I don't, nor will I ever, trust him again. I would never buy his music or merchandise either. But I wouldn't step so low as to deface it either. First of all, because that's as illegal as beating a woman is; and secondly, because it just got the woman-beating sissy free advertising.


    This is sooooooooooo annoying now


    Man every body makes mistakes so who are we to judge just like when me an my brothers was growing up my mom allways told us no matter who it is if some one hit you hit them back boy are girl if they grown enuff to raise there hand to hit you they grown enuff to get hit back


    Okay Samantha, that is totally not true at all. This is sickening. I could understand if he was still doing this, but yes, he has redeemed himself.. and people should just fuck off, like these anti-groups. Get real fuck.


    what are these feminist activist really promoting? vandalism?! victimization? exaggeration? discord & polarization?

    what exactly will that yellow sticker now do for abused women?... does it help save relationship? NO!

    someone tell these deluded women that, the men are equally victims of a mal adjusted society so hating men is like hating urselves.

    These women delude themselves instead of trying to help relationships get better... they wage war against men that make mistakes regardless of their repentance.

    Hatred has destroyed this world beyond repair & media are just their to facilitate it.


    4 years later and this is still a topic for discussion.... What a waste of media attention! Rhianna doesn't have a problem with him and as she was the one who had the shit beat out of her,don't you think it is time everyone moved on? Regardless, of the sticker his music still sells and he is still a very wealthy young man, so I doubt that this bothers him.
    Everyone needs to focus on their own lives and stop judging those who dont even know you exist. # that is all


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ok, I have to stop and breathe for a second.....allright...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


    This stuff is so silly 2 me, what r we her guardian angel or smthn...She has clearly gotten pass their ordeal, he's completed his sanction handed down 2 him, we r not able 2 judge them so let them live their lives!!!


    Riri is not crazy jst leave her alone.She is matured nd livin her own life.Haters get a life!!

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