Victoria Jackson Doesn't Believe Gay Marriage Exists, Would Carry Rape Baby to Term

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Victoria Jackson has created yet another Internet stir.

The former Saturday Night Live cast members - who has made headlines in the past for accusing Glee of making viewers gay and for singing that Barack Obama is a Communist - appeared this morning on Howard Stern's radio show.

Asked for her take on gay marriage, Jackson said:

"You have to take it up with God. God made the rules. He made a man and woman's bodies fit together, he made the Ten Commandments. I believe the Bible is God's word and I base all my world view on the Bible…

"… I don't think there's such a thing as gay marriage. The definition of marriage is man and woman."

A couple weeks ago, Jackson also took to her personal YouTube channel and spoke with a woman conceived from a rape.

She opened the video by saying: "If I was raped, I would have the baby and think of it as God making a blessing out of something bad."

Watch that exchange here:


Victoria Jackson clearly has issues. Back in the day, when she was on Saturday Night Live, Victoria used to clash and butt heads with basically everybody...fellow cast members, writers, producers, directors, etc. Bottom Line here: Victoria is a total whack-job who needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!


It's the same as what is written in the Quran ... Allah created a male and a female to be together .. Who are we to go against his will and wisdom ... I am a Muslim and I feel sick when I hear about gay people this is not an opinion it's a fact that people should admit before it is too late ...l




Pretty sad...I always thought, and I still do think, that Victoria is a funny comedian and a great entertainer. As a Gay Male, I just don't understand how she could have such strong judgemental negative statements to say about the gay community. Donna Summer, bless her heart, had to eat her words. I hope that Victoria has an empty stomach when her time comes


American views on religion are odd. God did not write the bible, you do not have th right to impose you views on others, and if you hear voices speaking to you, you need professional help. America: poorly educated - heavily armed. The bullies of the world.

@ Victor

Victor: America: poorly educated - heavily armed. The bullies of the world.... how apt!

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