The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Reunion Part One

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The Real Housewives of New York City get hot and bothered on part one of their "Reunion" show.  We recap all of the catty confrontations in our THG +/- review.

"Holla!" is what Heather yells out in her opening clip of the show and it's always annoyed me. She thinks it sounds real. Really?  Minus 10. It just sounds silly coming out of a grown woman's mouth. 

Housewives All In

Shocked, worried, and sad were the reactions when the new Housewives came on board and the old were let go.  Who knew that boring and annoying would be the end result for the season. Minus 15.

Carole says as a journalist she was drawn to the spectacle that is the Housewives.  Well, if she was searching for spectacle she certainly came to the right place.

Oh must we watch the London trip one more time?  It's sort of painful. The Royal Wars between Carole and LuAnn are just pretentious nonsense. Minus 8.

"That's not the kind of princess that I know."  LuAnn's title dropping again.  Honestly, this is the silliest fight.  Carole's being overly sensitive and LuAnn's being dense. Carole accuses LuAnn of "friend jumping."  I think we've reverted back to the eighth grade.  Minus 7.

Who knew there was so much animosity against LuAnn.  Heather and Carole keep going after her about borrowing a dress from a designer.  I'd give out extra points if they'd drop it.

Carole said things in interviews that no one had any idea she was thinking, which makes me like her both more and less.

Finally we move on but it's only to talk about Aviva's ex. Everyone has slept with Harry.  You'd think they wouldn't brag about it. It's not like the guy's a looker but I guess he has money and perhaps a certain amount of charm.  That or he's just really good in bed.

Plus 10 to Aviva for asking that she and Sonja stop talking about their exes and their children.  Too bad Sonja didn't take the hint.

Oh Aviva and her anxieties and issues are overwhelming when you put them all in one montage.  Fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of elevators, tap water, etc., etc.

OK being trapped for three hours while her leg was being eaten by a conveyor belt when she was six is completely horrifying.  That would mess anyone up. It's not the big bottle of anxiety that makes me dislike Aviva so much. It's the mean girl streak that came out so frequently at the end of the season. Minus 12.

A viewer says Aviva makes everything about her phobias and at least she admits to it this time.  Plus 10.

Now we move on to the Heather / Ramona wars. Neither one of them knows when to shut up.  They even agree that that's the truth of it.  Plus 11 for burying the hatchet and not in one another's backs this time.

Watching the clips of Aviva's craziness in St Barths is kind of scary.  She really did come unhinged, even she admits to it. Plus 8.

Aviva tries to apologize but Sonja and Ramona aren't buying it.  I can't say as I blame them.  Aviva was vicious in her tirades against them.  Maybe they got her meds right this time but I still don't trust her.

Plus 15 to Heather for calling LuAnn out on her bull.  She absolutely stirred the pot in St. Barths.  As Ramona put it, it was classic LuAnn.

Aviva profusely apologizes but Ramona says she can't forget how she bad mouthed her and Sonja in her blog even after the shows aired.  She claims Aviva didn't change her tune until the viewers began hating her.

The viewers write in to hold Reid accountable for his comments as he called the women, "pent up cougars," and "over weight girls gone wild."  Yeah, it wasn't pretty.  Minus 13.

It looks like the debacle on St Barths just won't go away and we'll rehash it all some more next week for part two.



Get rid of Sonya I am so sick of her slutty ways nasty tramp. Romona, all I can say is Betty Fordget help and please just stay quite your so LOUD....


romona, you need rehab anyone that acts like you do should be embarrased for your behavior!!!! do me a favor and find a hole and climb in it.


Adiva came off very insincere when she said I profusely apologize. then to go on to say Ramona betrayed her. Adiva was really frightening to watch as she became unglued, unhinged, and went on a ballistic tirade against Ramona and Sonya. Of all the housewives she is truly mean, vicious, pyschotic, and demented. She truly needs serious mental help. She makes Teresa Guidice look like a saint compared to mean girl bully antics.


Aviva's apology was great. I can respect a woman that can admitt when she's wrong. Unlike Ramaniac oops... I mean Ramona who I've never seen apologize to a single soul.


Aviva has apologized to enough. Dumb and Dumber can got play in traffic if they can't seem to except Aviva's apology. Ramona still hasn't apologized to LuAnn for calling her "a bad mother" in episode 1. Ramona called Simon and Alex alot of mean names on season 2 that she never, ever apologized for. Ramona called Sonja names this season, that I have yet to see her apologize for, but Ramona can't except Aviva's. Pah-leeeeaaazzzee!


I think Aviva is trying to mend her ways, and I think she will recover similarly to the way Camille did on Beverly Hills. The first part of the “Real Housewives of New York” reunion was boring, but I hope next week it picks up especially when Luann has to answer about “French Johnny Depp.” Unfortunately, I will miss the second part of the reunion because of my work schedule at DISH. I’ve already set my Hopper to record part two, and I can not wait to see it. Since there is so much DVR recording space available I decided to record the upcoming Beverly Hills and Atlanta shows when they premiere.


Agree with everything, though Heather seemed to want to be the moderator, sorry Andy, and Carole wanted to be above the fray though her blogs were biting which made her seem hypocritical, beinga jounalists and all. Aviva, oy, apology aside, again, she was still off the rails and there doesn't seem to be a fix anytime soon. Ramona was Ramona and
Sonja was wanting some UFC cage match, she came to fight. Luann, yawn.

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