The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Reunion Part Two

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If you thought The Real Housewives of New Jersey yelled during the regular season, you haven't heard anything yet.

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    I think Teresa needs to take respite from the rest of you high school bullies its not a good look from where I am siting in my lounge room it's like Caroline is the leader of the mean girls.I really like Teresa she out there more open than the lot of you and her gay cousin( sorry not sure of her name) as it seem I missed it each time good character, like her too ,well of all of the house wife's cast she should have some compassion for Teresa she needs to stand by her she know what its like to be the under dog. Joe he needs to wake up , man up , so does Melissa's' husband I'm starting to think they have the bantam roster syndrome little man syndrome..Caroline who made you resident counselor .On display is a irritating song thank god we don't have it down under yet! Melissa's impromptu song to Teresa with out music was the best I've heard from her it was good anyway I think the most unpretentious out of all of you is Teresa.Jo you are not all that no Italian stallion, maybe to Teresa!


    Hello!! Watched new Jersey housewives for sometime!!! Not much of a fan of Jacqilyn and Carylyn!! It's time for the 2 to depart from the show!! Jacqilyn really hasn't contributed to the show!! And as most know Carylyn thinks she knows it all!! It's time for a change!!! Thank you Bravo!!


    I have just seen the episode with Gia wanting a bra and the field day at Jacqueline's house. OMG, that Gia needs a serious talking to. Teresa, who is the adult/mother in this relationship? I feel sorry for Gia she is learning nothing from her mother about life and how to act. I think it is a form of child abuse the way they are bringing up their girls to think & act. Grow up Teresa & Joe and stop treating your girls like they are there for your amusement and with no boundaries.


    I'm almost certain that Melissa Gorga and company is writing the response to this blog. Goggle Melissa Gorga lies.


    While I admit I really am not all that fond of the other housewives, I have to say that Teresa is in a crazy class all by herself. It astounds me that she actually has fans.


    looks like tre could use another boob job saggy, saggy, little too old to wear a young girl dress like that dontcha think sweathog?


    tre is one scary looking bitch! why doesnt anyone on that show tell her that her wig is sliding down over her forehead?


    Looks like Theresa may need the Lap band herself pretty soon. Her dress looked like it was sprayed on. She looked like a caricature with her derriere hanging out the way it was, resembling a cantilevered house on a hillside.

    To distinguish between the two 'Joes', Guidice is 'the Neanderthal' , & Gorga is 'the Cro-Magnon'. A Cro-Magnon is slightly ahead on the evolutional ladder. Also, Theresa has a classic Neanderthal hairline.


    Wow! Teresa really is a ding bat. If you have
    Filled bankruptcy once is one allowed to
    Do it again? No amount of jewelry in the
    World would be a big enough apology for my
    Husband using the c word to millions of
    People on tv. Why does teresa think everything
    Things are always about her. Melissa's song on display.
    Teresa you need to get out of the spotlight
    It has all gone to your empty head. Go home
    And take care of your children before they become
    Just like you and joe wow. Who would
    Want him. He really is crude. I really don't think
    They have a brain between them.


    Teresa couldn't spell or explain Napalm when put on the spot, even though she used the word in her blog but when Melissa was put on the spot to sing, she sang just fine & it still wasn't enough for Teresa. Teresa owns nothing that she does or ever admits she was wrong, not even over minor issues. You know she's lying when she does the voice squeak.

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