Selena Gomez: Dating Justin Bieber for Image Only?

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It may not be over, but it's far from real, either.

While rumors of a Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber break-up have quieted, a new report claims the relationship is merely a sham.

Future Mrs. Bieber?
Justin Bieber in Illinois

It simply "isn't the fairytale romance they'd like their fans to believe it is," a supposed friend of the couple's tells Radar Online.

So why are they even together? As Andre Agassi once said: image. It's everything.

"Justin's heart is with Selena because she's his first true love," claims this mole. "But Selena is pretty much just riding out the relationship because she knows he's good for her image."

And Gomez's team is reportedly on board with this unfair plan.

"Dating Justin is good for Selena's brand. Together they're a brand!" the source concluded. "Everyone in Selena's camp is aware of Justin's star power and is urging her to make it work with him."

Let's all hope this isn't really the case. If so, however, Selena is a much better actress than we previously believed.

Just look how happy she looks to be in this Ellen clip when talking about Bieber!


you guys are all fake you need to get a life cause selena deeply loves justin but it's just trust issues they are gonna be back together ASAP you guys just want him to have no girlfriend selena is a pretty young lady who doesn't want to get her heart broken by some canada/american popstar so you guys just get a fucking life and live her alone live your own life don't live hers


Selena is not using Justin 4 her image.They are so in love.Anybody can see that !!!


believe it losers shes using him haha duh...she has no career and is never mentioned until shes dating or pretending to be best friends with big stars shes a no body duh


That is fuckin bullshit selena would never do that u all are fucked up


justin bieber is so cute and hot


I wouldnt believed that selena gomez is just using justin bieber for her brand or fame. She is just making fun, shes still young, .Although she and Justin are so much in love and forever in love.Things are getting alright all over and over fir them as I said their young still.


the press should just leave them alone.if they break up fine but f not this talk is problably just putting stress on their already strained relationship.when are yall gonna wake up and realize they are just normal people whom pretty much everybody knows the name is just like the varsity quarter back in high school.did yall go trying to break him and his gf up?


i love them they should stay


if Selena and Justin are dating they will make a good brand.


She is better than him. Her chest mole is like million diomond.

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