Rosie Perez Slams Romney "It Would Be Helpful to be Latino" Comment

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While Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remark became a campaign land mine for the Republican this fall, another quote from that same viral video has been largely ignored.

Until now, if Rosie Perez has anything to say about it.

The actress just recorded an ad for a Democratic PAC focusing on Romney joking that if his Mexican-born father had had Mexican parents, he would “have a better shot at winning this.”

“I say that jokingly," the candidate added, "But it would be helpful to be Latino.”

The ad cuts from the laughter of Romney donors to Perez’s own laughter.

“Hispanics represent 17 percent of the population and account for less than 2 percent of all elected and appointed officials. The advantage is obvious,” she says, sarcastically.

She then goes on to mockingly name the U.S.’s Latino presidents (Jorge Washington, Jorge Bush, etc.) and generally makes fun of Mitt for being rich. That's about it.

Romney and President Barack Obama square off Tuesday in the second of three presidential debates. If that latter doesn't show up this time, no ads are going to help.

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This gossip outlet makes their bread by trashing or at least insinuating trash on any thing in the middle or right. Romney is more in the middle than Obama has ever been. Romney is the only one of the 2 that can possibly bring people together. HG strokes the rebellious youth reader so they can have something to cry about. Their stories are as biased as the pro Obama pro gay marriage morons that hang on to this horrendous excuse they call journalism. Bunch of Al Sharpton Candy Crowley and Chris Matthews wanna be's.


why is it that the only news you put on this crap website is anything anti romney you can find why don't you start putting all the communist disgraces and anti american ideas that obama is all (or alla) bout... be fair in your news
this is another website i am now boycotting thank you

@ fair reporter

you 3 guys are sacks of ish......mitt robme is a damn liar & a job destroyer & he flip flops more than my girls sandals in the summertime......& to you hallie s you only stand up for him because hes white !!!!......FOXN MORONS.


Are you sure that was what Rosie said? From what I remember you can't understand a damn thing Rosie says! What's with this Obama fan club? Romie has explained what his intentions are. What does Obama want to do? Talk? Talk and not say a darn thing other than blame Bush? Maybe Rosie can find out how Obama plans on being a leader to half the people who actually don't beleive in him. If Obama wins how does he think he can possibly pull the other half over to him! You ask a person why he likes obama and all he can talk about is how much he/she hates Romney! What if Obama wins? What next will he do? Romney is right in saying that- isn't he? Hispanics vote mainly for Hispanics or those who put the Hispanics need at the forefront. Blacks will NEVER vote for Romney and why? Because he is white! Does the truth hurt that much Rosie?

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