Richard Mourdock, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Under Fire for Abortion/Rape Remarks

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Richard Mourdock, a candidate for U.S. Senate from Indiana, is under fire today for remarks made during a debate yesterday with Democratic opponent Joe Donnelly.

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    would these neanderthal maes have the same opinion if it was there daughters wives or mothers


    how on eart can these dishonest american work for the president of the uniited states???


    Men with a lot of power and money keep getting away with making rape seem like it is something that is okay, or something that only a woman has to worry about. I think instead of arguing about a woman's right to make choices about her own body, pro-choice & pro-life conversants should refocus the conversation on what MEN can to do to hold other men accountable for raping women. It is a MAN's fault for feeling entitled to overpower a woman, or not take no for an answer, so the conversation needs to be about why men feel like they can continually take power away from women before pregnancy, not just after.


    How many of these anti-choice people care about,follow up on,and physically care for all these babies after they are born?Just make sure babies are born,after that,you are on your own


    Mourdock/Akin 2016 !!!


    The American Taliban - coming to a Chick Fil A near you!


    Politicians on both sides of the fence need to stop assuming what God would want. They don't know for sure. Maybe God thinks it should be a woman's right to choose. Maybe God thinks abortion is a sin. We don't know. And we never will. So perhaps politicians should keep God out of our politics.


    I think the title of this article is skewing his words. He said life is a gift from God EVEN if it begins from something awful such as rape. This title makes it seem he said rape pregnancy is a gift, which he did not. I don't know anything about this guy but I would have to agree on some level with what he said seeing as how my father was born out of date-rape and he is the greatest man I have ever met. Rape is heinous and it is sad that evil exists in this world but without it we could not have good and free will and that is the unfortunate truth.

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