Mother of Kristen Stewart: Pushing for Robert Pattinson!

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Jules Stewart knows a good catch when she sees it.

And the script supervising mother of Kristen Stewart is doing all she can to make sure her daughter understands that, with Radar Online claiming she's playing a key role in the ongoing Robsten reconciliation.

Pattinson in Paris
Kristen Stewart During Fashion Week

“Jules is the glue that’s keeping Kristen and Rob together,” a source close to the couple supposedly says. “It ripped her heart in two when she saw those pictures of Kristen in a compromising situation with Rupert – and she couldn’t believe what her daughter had done."

With Stewart trying to convince Pattinson that she didn't have sex with Sanders, this insider claims Jules has also played a vital role.

"She has been speaking with Robert, re-iterating Kristen’s pleas for another chance and is trying to help build up trust between the pair. It is early days - but if this reconciliation can bring Robert and Kristen back together, they’ll have Jules to thank."

So far, so apparently good.

Rob and Kristen are expected to help join their castmates in promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2, walking red carpets and stopping by media outlets.

Yes, together.


Cmon why is it that important for rob to take her back? and no they dont belong together they are not edward and bella even kristen is more aware of that thats why she sucked face with rupert a MARRIED NAN WITH 2 KIDS AND OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER FATHER Im so sorry but Jules needds to get a life she is too old for this shit kristen is a wild bitch and rob must grow some balls abd if kristen is getting her mom to speak on her behalf then she is more screwd up than i thought so is her mom for allowing immorality like this and forcing her cheating daughter down robs throwt.DISGUSTING!


she needs to lecture her daughter about her lacking sense on morality.




I am pushing for them getting back together,too. They are meant to be together

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