Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reconciliation: Weird! Uncertain!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are moving in the right direction, insiders say.

But will they end up in Happily Ever After Land? It's far from a certainty, according to a new report.

Bella and Edward Scene

“The love story between Robert and Kristen is still a bit of a conundrum, it’s a weird relationship," an anonymous, totally real source tells Radar Online. "He’s still not convinced that giving their relationship another chance is the right thing to do."

One obstacle in the reunited couple's way?

Pattinson's "family and friends are totally against the idea," the mole claims. "And there are moments when he continually asks her questions about the affair... they have some really serious trust issues."

Well, sure. It's only natural.

Kristen has sworn to Robert, however, that she did NOT have sex with Rupert Sanders.

Pattinson truly believed Stewart was the "girl he was going to marry," concludes this supposed Know It All. "However, that’s all on hold for the moment until they try and work things out. This could go either way."

What do you think? Will Robsten make it?


Okay children, for a bit of wisdom. The both of you have worked together for approximately 5 years in a great saga. You two have lived together and loved together, Yes I was in my 20's once and I know how it is. You make mistakes, if this episode was indeed a mistake, and you forgive. Robert,my husband is also English. I met him in college in England. I know how you like to keep your life private and close to the chest, so to say. Forgive Kristen. American women who are not use to a true Englishman does not know. Rupert Sanders is not your friend. This is not the first time this has happened with him. This was a set up for blackmail purposes. Please marry Kristen. She loves you so.


goodluck tou rob and i am your fan i will always in yourside
And we will always love you


hahaha Kristen future sister in law are mad at her for cheating on about her future in laws bet they are seething mad on her for hurting and humiliating him.the whole are always in LA for the twilight premire .Kristen be better hide under her PR skirt she been living thre for a


Whether they get back together and/or stay together should be totally their business. If Rob's family and friends really cared about him and his feelings, they would simply wish him the best - whatever makes him happy!


they are not back together.Rob out partying celebrating his just can fix a broken trust in a months Kristen need more groveling to do.what she did is just so hurtful and mean

@ ap

really gossip cops just reported they where toghther sat night at soho in la and it was confirmed

@ ann

one dinner doesnt define a thing.the one that twitted lied about Rob taking a smoking break.Rob doesnt smoke anymore


who cares? men cheat on thier wives and people like you ask that he be forgiven bcos he is a man. now a woman cheats and she is surposed to be kicked out forever? NO, men or women, we are all human. everyone deserves to be forgiven...


c'mon dodo how can you even say that?
after showing years of dedication kristen has to break his heart so didn't love robert but he was loyal to her and this is what he got?
no he deserved better some1 who he can trust again love agin and i really hope that he found his true love because honestly'kristen was not one for him.
go on rob we love you
you will get over this afterall their is nothing our edward can't handle


The stupid bitch has him smoking again! The last laugh will be on him when she goes out humping another guy.

@ Guest43

funny reither that or the one that twitted made up a story


c'mon Rob.. get over it.. every couple needs a cheat to get on the higher level... It's either you get over it, as you trully have feelings, or you don't.. and in the first case usually the cheating party usually ends up being the more faithful in future.. so I would advise you if you really have feelings to finally stop harrassiong your girlfriend over this stupid mistake and take her back... unless you want to tire her for life and let her make the move.. the moving out that is


Seriously a real source told radar online right? No real friend with this much personal info would go to radar and give this statement, don't buy it! People need to give them space to work things out personally and professionally, it's his life and friends and family can give opinion but support his dicision not interfere, my cousin still won't talk to her parents because of meddling, just MO.

@ Heidi

Heidi::: You are sooo right on. I am sick of all the rumors and lies. The truth is, I had dinner with Kristen, not Rob. She is having my child, Twins. No spell checker on this forum?? Bye Bye forever.

@ Carlos

if rob is so insecure that why was he out without her last sunday?ppl stop believing everything you read!oh yes she cheated, lets just wait and see, what going on

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