Linda Hogan Responds to DUI Charge, Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

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It's been a busy, scandalous week for members of the Hogan family.

First, A Hulk Hogan sex tape officially went viral. Then, Linda Hogan got arrested for DUI.

As we wait for Brooke Hogan to elope, an attorney for the 53-year old ex-wife of the wrestling legend has spoken out on his client's behalf.

Linda Hogan Cleavage

“She regrets it. She’s a mom, so she’s embarrassed about it,” Raymond Rafool tells The New York Daily News. “She’s just thankful it wasn’t worse and thankful nobody got hurt. The police were all very nice. It wasn’t a scene at all. It was anticlimactic.”

He also explains that Linda had recently been hospitalized for an e coli infection and her medication may have played a role in the incident.

So... this wasn't a response to Hulk's bedroom shenanigans hitting the Internet?

"We intentionally want it known we have no comment on the sex tape,” Rafool said. “They have moved on to a nice, peaceful place in their relationship. They’re working hard to be peaceful co-parents. Even though their kids are adults, they still need their parents.”

Hulk Hogan, of course, claims the video was made without his consent and he plans on suing.


you guys are just concentrating on Linda´s case. how bad, how foolish, she is a mother, she needs to grow up etc. it make me start asking myself, is linda´s case more worse than Hulk hogan´s that was still in his marriage of almost 20 years but cheated his nice family with his best friend´s wife. why are we always against women? Men does worse but women are more attacked. Anti women


When will these people ever grow up?

@ jsp81355

Never. They apparently have other plans. Growing up probably will never even make the list.


(time is closing in on him)


Linda Hogan embarrassed? Yeah...right...NOT!!!!! I remember when Brooke felt embarrassed (and hurt) when Linda took up with that young Charley Hill fella. LInda needs to (emotionally) sit the fuck down and stop acting so foolish. Period.


linda needs to sit down in her rocking chair, and quit being childish !!!