Lil Reese Assault Caught on Tape, Rapper Unapologetic

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A video has emerged of rapper Lil Reese going all Chris Brown on a woman, kicking and punching her after she expresses her extreme displeasure that he's inside her house.


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    all yall niggas Cray.. She Act Like a Man, Treat Like a Man. Yall Probably though that Bus Driver nigga should of just sat there and let that Hoe slap him around too. Acting like he did what he did for no reason.


    This trash is just another LOWLIFE woman beater. Nobody should have delusions that this occurs only in the black culture. Many women die brutally everyday around the world from many races and cultures.

    The attack on this young woman is a sad testament to our society but also appalling is the other individuals who stood around
    and did absolutely NOTHING.

    I am utterly disgusted.


    Should have stayed in school and learned to spell! Ghetto woman beating pu$$y!


    Oh shit chele...I missed spelled "misspelled". Maybe I should be hung for that while this ahole gets your admiration. Lmaof!!!


    Hey chele...nice to see where you stand against someone who missed spelled a word & not mention one word against someone who is recorded beating a woman. So I'm guessing you don't mind taking a beating just as long as I pronounce the word "Bitch" correctly cause it would really infuriate you if I said byatch. Thank you for catching that "FAR WORSE" mistake I made compared to this nigger loser. I see now that lessons on how to beat a woman was a big part of my 3rd grade education & I missed it.


    Let's be honest, the whole hip hop culture is not exactly known for its respect of women. The video footage and his tweet tell us all we need to know about him: he's a low life

    @ TeeCee

    TeeCee you pegged him right. Nothing but a LOWLIFE!


    Now I'm LMFAO!!! It's sad how mere words by me are far worst then another mans actions. Sad f**kers you all are.

    @ Kevin

    did you really type the words "far worst"? What are you, illiterate? The word you want is not "worst," it is the word worse: W-O-R-S-E.Who would care about the ramblings of an idiot like you? You're far too stupid to be even remotely effective with your words. SERVED! Next.You've just been gutted, Kevin. Step aside and go back to the third grade, which apparently you missed.


    The only thing he should apologize for is not being able to fight. How the fuck u let a girl hang with u? If a man fights a woman and it lasts more than 2 hits thats pathetic. And females act all bad to dudes like they just cant get hit. Just like the bus driver, sometimes bitches just ask to get hit.

    @ jay

    Actually, he showed up to her house uninvited, would not allow her to open the door, attempted to threaten her girlfriend, and then he pushed her chin. She smacked his hand down, turned her head to talk to someone else, then he smacked her. She then mushed his forehead and then the beating and stomping began. He actually threatened her with a gun when she was trying to open the door as she was asking them to leave. You're a devil and may your words and beliefs come back to haunt you. This woman did not deserve this at all, especially as the mother of his child.


    Hey Samantha...why is what I wrote your worst? Did you take a really good look at this video. You being a woman I'm assuming, that what this nigger did would be a lot demeaning then my comment. Get your feelings straight, open your eyes & stop stepping up for shyt like this.

    @ Kevin

    You're not only a racist pig, you're also a fucking moron if you think black men are the only ones to beat women. I'm fairly certain that white men do it just as often, if not more often. And to suggest "hanging those fuckers" is disgusting. As is the use of the "N" word. Your mind is what needs to be opened, not my eyes.

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