Kate Upton and Justin Verlander: Dating For Real, His Grandpa Claims!

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The top story of last night's American League Championship Series. Derek Jeter fracturing his ankle and missing the Yankees' final three losses to Detroit rest of the playoffs.

The #2 story? Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are dating for real!

Cute Kate Upton Pic

Justin Verlander apparently has another reason to celebrate.

So says the grandfather of the Detroit Tigers' pitching ace.

Yes, we're serious. Celebuzz started asking around about the rumor, which first popped up in July when Kate Upton was seen cheering him on at a game.

Richard Verlander, Sr., had this to say:

"I heard he has been on dates with a Sports Illustrated girl. I saw a photo - she's beautiful. They make a good looking pair because he's a good looking man too."

"I do know he's on the dating scene. Justin is a fine boy and whoever he ends up with is lucky. He's not only a great baseball player, he's a great guy."

Everybody, all together now ... AWW.

It's funny, grandfathers have been known to do or say moderately embarrassing things - like trying to set you up with Miss Florida - but this might take the cake.

If nothing else, he's giving Justin Timberlake's grandma - an occasional source of scoop on his relationship with Jessica Biel - a run for her octogenarian money.

Yankee fans can at least take solace this morning in these Kate Upton photos. Sure, Verlander gets to actually date her, but these are free to look at.

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Matt Cain's wife. That is all.


After the Tiger win, all the players, wives/girlfriends, kids, standing in the field celebrating...and there stands Verlander alone while his SI pin up is in NYC/Paris, etc. doing her thing. Dumb!


so this is the true reason of his sprained ankle?
.......YOU SISSY BOY!!

@ baja

Derek's ankle is BROKEN, not sprained and you're the sissy!!! Who the h*ll cares who JV is dating??? BIG DEAL!!!! GO YANKEES!!!!

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