Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery Was Not Smart

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For whatever reason, there's been a ton of news about former stars of The Hills lately, despite the show being off the air for two years and mostly contrived nonsense.

Anyway, Heidi Montag plastic surgery is today's topic. Amazingly, she regrets it!

Heidi Montag's Old Face

"I would never do it again and I would never recommend it for anyone," Heidi tells Access Hollywood, which somehow interviewed her. "It was  way over my head."

"I should have researched it more ... I wasn't told the repercussions and what would happen emotionally and physically and how much pain I would be in."

Heidi Montag says it was "traumatic" getting 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

Nose job, liposuction, breast and butt augmentation, chin reduction. You name it, she had it done. Not just any boob job either. Those things are like size EE.

Huge Fake Boobs
Heidi Montag Pre-Boob Job

Nowadays, she says, "I just focus now on being healthy and alive and strong."

Alive, strong and 26 going on 47. Seriously. Check out Heidi Montag nude and contrast it with the fresh-faced gal pictured above. Oldest 26-year-old ever.


Just watched series 2 episode 7. Heidi is as big a monster as spencer. What a lier she is and to her so called best friend Lauren. Feel sorry for her mom having to see this.


Sorry to read about your case, Ava. I hope you have a better 2013!!... I don't know why anyone would opt for unnecessary surgery. Heidi Montag is a ridiculous case. I think her phony breasts don't match her small, still growing bone structure at all. I'm surprised she didn't have bone replacements throughout, so she could have a bigger frame for her fake boobs, but that would be even MORE ridiculous. I watched an inteview with Barbra Striesand, who took a lot of heat for having off-center features, yet being a huge star. She is so amazing, intelligent, deep, and confident--I didn't know that I could have even more respect for her!!!.. You should listen to her to heal your soul! However, I do know a lot of people who turned to cosmetic surgeries and dyed blonde hair and it does seem to benefit their superficial, external life...I just wouldn't want to be them. I prefer the Barbras of the world! ;-)


I had a medically recommended breast reduction. I was 50 years old, and wanted to remain active for the second half of my life. I was a size 32G - petite frame, but large breasted. I hiked, did yoga, did P90X, but had loose skin from gaining and losing weight as a teenager. The surgeon and I discussed doing what he called 'a little add on' - spot specific liposuction at my upper lateral thigh (the 'saddlebag' area) to balance out my shape a little bit when my breasts were reduced. He did liposuction all over my body while I was unaware under anesthesia, without my consent, and against any good medical judgment. I am disabled now in pain that is indescribable. I don't have a life left and can't leave the house, can't sleep without medication, lost anything I had. It's difficult to get doctors or lawyers to take me seriously because they write it off as 'just cosmetic surgery.' I thought about the surgery for a decade before I moved forward and asked my surgeon to use caution and do the least amount of reduction possible. My motivation was for body comfort, and why shouldn't I have tried to be comfortable in my body when I was active and took care of myself. And why should I have wanted have hips that were totally imbalanced when I had these specific pockets of hip fat that protruded laterally? I wanted to remain active and feel good. The surgeon did way too much. Surgery is traumatic, and the wrong surgery is deadly... or worse, you survive it like me and have to experience this horrifying pain -- and then get blamed for it because people say, 'it's just cosmetic'. I don't think several procedures at one time is right, and doctors who do that are not following the Hippocratic Oath. And surgeons should definitely have to measure body fat before removing any body fat. My surgeon weighed me and assigned me a BMI - body mass index does not differentiate between lean muscle tissue and fat. I spent several consultations talking to him about how muscular I was under my loose skin. Surgeons need to take these surgeries more seriously and the truth about the trauma of these procedures should be known. Additionally, I don't think it's fair to judge another person without knowing their story. I gained that weight as a teen after I was horribly betrayed by someone who molested me. That wasn't my fault. I tried to live my best life with stretched out skin after I lost the weight, but my breast tissue hurt from way it was stretched, and it impacted every aspect of my life. I wonder how my surgeon would have felt if he had his nipples cut off and reattached, (and had his buttocks suctioned out without his consent at the same time). People want to look good and feel good, and the surgeons who are licensed to do these surgeries need to be cautious, honest, and understand the consequences. My surgeon acted like I was a lump of clay he could mold. This should not ever happen to anyone else. I'm stuck in the house in pain not knowing how to get groceries, and when this laptop computer gives out, that's it for my contact with the world. I'm trying to get a lawyer before my statute runs out and I will file a claim with the medical board, but I want to get the word out. It's too late to prevent what happened to me, but not to others.

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