Happy 40th Birthday, Eminem!

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Will the real birthday boy please stand up? Eminem turns 40 today.

Yep, the big 4-0 for the Motor City Bad Boy! How time flies ...

Eminem in GQ

Since bursting onto the scene in the late 1990s, Marshall Mathers has become one of the most successful and influential names in the history of music.

He single-handedly shifted the paradigm of the hip-hop genre, while earning a reputation for stirring up controversy as well as delivering lyrically brilliant and catchy hits.

In addition to tens of millions in album sales, Eminem also known as an actor, producer, representative of Detroit and most importantly, a father to his two daughters.

He is also the most popular human on Facebook.

Happy 40th to one of the greats.


happy birthday MBM3!!!! go berserk and tell'm all eat shit. thank you for giving me a laugh and an extra life.


Happy Birthday EM!

E vile mc

the greatest n my god
Happy 40th Birthday
(wishes from india )


hahahahahahahaha, not for this boy. boy? well, I'm 38 dude!!

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