David Letterman Urges Viewers Not to Vote For Mitt Romney Until He Comes on Show

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A bunch of celebrities want you to Vote 4 Stuff.

David Letterman wants to make sure you don't vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, unless he appears on The Late Show before November 6.

Friday, Letterman couldn't help but notice that election season is rapidly coming to a close, and that Romney hasn't responded to invitations to come on the CBS telecast.

President Obama appeared on Letterman in September.

So Dave, who famously skewered John McCain for dodging his show four years ago, devised a plan, instructing his audience to not vote for the GOP candidate next month.

Unless he appears on the show, in which case the registered independent will withdraw this non-endorsement. He's kidding ... maybe. A little.

Election 2012:


I think David Letterman is an idiot. Why should Romney appear on his show.? This is not the way to run a country. Our president is good for show but for the country??????? Booooo The people that listen to him are idiots too. What a joke. I could go on and on


If I was Mitt Romney I wouldn't go on Lettermans show either. Letterman is a bleeding heart liberal who's always trashing Romney...... and he has a lousy show; worst than Jay Leno... I would rather watch the Pawn Stars or Storage Wars....


Thank you Lerome and Jinks!!!! My sentiments exactly. There are still some sensible folks out there. Letterman is disgusting with no moral standards what so ever!!!! Thank you!!!


Who would ever pay any attention to an idiot like Letterman? He's unbelievably disgusting!


I wasn't aware that going on a late night talk show was a requirement for running for president. The man is the leader of our country, not a celebrity, an entertainer, or a Hollywood star. David Letterman is the joke.

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