David Letterman Predicts Mitt Romney Defeat Due to Snub of Late Show

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David Letterman (jokingly, mostly, maybe, sort of) predicted that Mitt Romney will lose this year's presidential election due to his snub of The Late Show.

Last week, Dave urged voters to vote against Mitt unless he came on the program. With Romney still reluctant to do so, Letterman now predicts his defeat.

Watch the segment below:


Letterman hasnt been funny in decades.
Wrap it up.


What a hollow prediction of Romney's political career because of wishy-washy reason of snubbing a show!


Letterman is full of sh_ _. Treats Romney bad this polictical system. GOOD for Romney not going on this piece of sh_ _'s show!!


Lettreman has ALWAYS been a buck tooth fool. I hav never been able to understand why ANY woman would copulate with this nerd- either his now estanged wife- or former so called mistress. \
The only plausible reason is they are going fort money. Lettrman is an idiot, liar and fool. And NOT so funny any more. In other word: GEEK


I predict Obama losing due to going on too many shows, instead of doing his job, which he can't handle, anyway.


Wrinkles (letterman) need to fill the gap in his teeth, and stop cheating on his wife, with his staff! I think wrinkles has enough to worry about.

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