Bobbi Kristina Inheritance: Too Much, Too Soon?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown may soon be a very rich young woman.

But not if her family has anything to say about it.

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Following the death of her mother, Whitney Houston, this teenager stands to inherit around $20 million. Time to party it up with boyfriend Nick Gordon, right?

Not so fast.

According to TMZ, Cissy Houston and Pat Houston - Whitney's mother and sister-in-law - have filed a request to modify the late singer's will because they don't believe Bobbi should receive the entire estate at once.

Sources quote the relatives as believing such an influx of money would be "too much, too soon" for Bobbi, who has battle substance abuse problems over the years.

The family wants to "protect [Bobbi Kristina] from herself," says an insider, as the legal documents assert this 19-year old "is a highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her inheritance."

As Whitney Houston's sole heir, Bobbi will take in 10% of her mother's fortune when she turns 21; around 10% more when she turns 25; and the rest at 30.

It's unclear at the moment how Cissy and Pat's plan would alter this arrangement.


I'm in agreement with the above decision by Bobbi's family members. That boyfriends does nothing for himself, and further more, he is Bobbi's adopted brother. That relationship is wrong on so many levels and I can see this boy taking advantage of the situation to be in the public eye and to help Bobbi spend all her fortune leaving her penniless and moniless. And after the money is gone, leaving her for another rich young women. Bobbi needs someone watching her back and seeing that she spends her money wisely and provides herself and home and education to fall back on in case the entertainment career doesnt get off the ground. Futhermore, she has a drug problem and that much money in her hand would be like drawing a fly to shit (excuse my expression). God bless Whitney's mother and family and I pray they are successful in curbing Bobbi's inheritance money.

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