Bobbi Kristina Brown Confirms Engagement in Family Reality Show Promo

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Yes, Bobbi Kristina Brown is engaged to Nick Gordon.

And based on the following promo for The Houstons: On Our Own - the Lifetime reality series that premieres October 24 and isn't at all exploiting the death of Whitney Houston for ratings - her family is anything but happy over that news.

The 19-year old and the fiance who she got to know when her mother essentially adopted him as her son many years ago are at the center of this trailer, which paints the Houstons as on par with the Kardashians.

Hard to believe Whitney is looking down in approval of this nonsense. Watch for yourself:


Crissy, your family loves you as they did Whitney..... cant you see if she would have just listened to her mom and love here you go high as a kite on tv representing your mom just like that. if you didnt have a dime whould nick still be with you ....just tell him you have been disinherrited spend no money....let him support you ...see how long he sticks around. Atleast Whitney was no fool with a dollar when it came to her heart. That boy is saying what he has to say to get what he want. Wake up your mom would be soooo disapointed! Trust and believe.....if you walk away from him for one year...hell move on and start writing books, anything to make a buck off you and your family. Your not grown and your acting like a little spoiled girl. I can only keep it me i will prove it to you.

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