Beyonce to Perform on Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

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The Countdown to Super Bowl XLVII is officially on.

In a selection the THG staff is crazy (in love) over, Beyonce has been chosen to perform at the big game's halftime show, sources confirm to The Associated Press.

The 31-year old sang the National Anthem prior to the same contest in Houston in 2004.

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Beyonce follows such major acts on this grand stage as Britney Spears, Paul McCartney and, last season, Madonna, whose Super Bowl performance you can relive now.

What do you think? Is Beyonce is a good choice for the Super Bowl?


OMG- Is this the best they can do? I could think of 20 legitimate artists I would rather see. Sing loud, then sing louder on the next song. 13% of this country is Black and every time you look up the headliner for whatever reason must be black. If your going to provide an entertainer then display one that we can all enjoy not just some Rap/Screamer singer.


Thats great! Now everyone over the age of thirteen can go to the bathroom at halftime. WHAT A $HITTY CHOICE. I for one am sooooo tired of her mugging for the camera. Too bad she doesn't do live concerts.


I can't stand her or her Obama loving husband. Good reason to change the channel.


I want Britney to do it again! She's AMAZING!


Who wants to watch that black whore

Shayona martin
@ danjmul

First of all, you are a raciest piece of garbage. Stop hating on black talent. Beyonce was a great choice for this show. You white people need to open your hearts and accept that. I love Britney spears and other races like Selena, Madonna, Paula Abdul. Maybe you are just upset because Obama running for president... But how many times have we had a white president. Think about dude and get yourself together. God love all races why can't you.

@ danjmul

Apparently everyone but you because she was CHOSEN, she didn't ask them - they asked her ... Much love to all the beautiful, rich black whores!!!! Lmao ... GO FALCONS!!!

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