Barack Obama Labels Mitt Romney a "Bullsh-tter" in Rolling Stone

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Barack Obama is featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and less than two weeks before the November 6 election, the President opens up to the publication with some choice words for Mitt Romney.

Foremost among them?

“You know, kids have good instincts," Obama says about the young vote. "They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bullsh***er, I can tell.’”

Barack Obama Rolling Stone Cover

Oh, it's on! Okay, it's been on for months now. But still. Strong words.

Among other topics Obama touches on in his interview:

Problems with the rich and poor: There are a whole bunch of millionaires who aren’t paying any income tax, as well as people at the lower end of the income spectrum who may be taking advantage of the safety net we’ve put in place. We should hold everybody accountable who’s not doing their fair share.

Standing up against your own party:  If you can’t say no to certain elements of your party, if you don’t have sets of principles that you’re willing to fight for, even if they’re not politically convenient, then you’re gonna have a tough time in this office.

Roe vs. Wade in peril: I don’t think there’s any doubt. Governor Romney has made clear that’s his position. His running mate has made this one of the central principles of his public life.

The future of his health care plan: Just like Medicare and Social Security, as time goes on, as people see what it does, as it gets refined and improved, people will say, ‘This was the last piece to our basic social compact’ - providing people with some core security from the financial burdens of an illness or bad luck.

His first-term achievements: Sometimes folks obsess with gridlock and the ugliness of the process down here in Washington. We passed health care - something that presidents have tried to do for 100 years…We passed the toughest Wall Street reform since the 1930s… We have expanded access to college through the Pell Grant program and by keeping student loans low. The list of things that we’ve accomplished, even once the Republicans took over, is significant.

What Romney should dress as for Halloween: I don’t know about this Halloween. Next Halloween I hope he’ll be an ex-presidential candidate.

So, we ask again, THGers: Who are you voting for?


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Making promises for a better America, promising jobs, better healthcare, smaller taxes, etc & not standing up to it makes him an even bigger "Bullshitter".


Put a Kenyan monkey is a suit, teach him how to speak and make white people like him, it's still a Kenyan monkey in a suit.


wow, and oblama/ nojobama is a paragon of truth....


Sad that 60% of the voters on this website would vote for Obozo. He is the worst president in my lifetime......GWB is the worst. Our country can't take sixteen years of goofball preasidents.


These morons who want a quick fix on every issue Obama had to deal with will soon find out Romney is all talk and will say anything. I live in Massachussets he was a lousy Governor. No sooner got elected and left us for the Olmpics. The best and brightest Colin Powell endorsed President Obama for a second term. General Powell is a Republican, that should tell you something. Perhaps all you Romney lovers should donate to Donald's Trumps crusade. A clear picture of the wealthy supporting the wealthy.

@ islandgal

it tells me oblama / nojobama got elected due to lefty elitist racism, obviously


Well, you know, if the shoe fits! He is a bull$hitter. By the weay, Maryjo, it sn't too far into your post that you reveal yourself to be a bit of a racist, with your "why do you white people?" generalization. I could generalize myself, but I'm not a racist, so I don't. I don't csare what color it's coming from, it's wrong. Do you even get that?


Where is everyone's hate aimed at the Republicans who voted to cut the funding for oversea protection? Maybe if they'd get off their asses and not vote against something just because democrats support it, there would have been more security over there, and things might have turned out differently. Just saying.

@ Samantha

Your son must have balls the size of cue balls to do what he did.
Joe Biden That is what was said to Charlie woods the father of Tyrone Woods when he was brought home in the casket Ceremony after he was killed in Libya. When Obama shook my hand his face was pointed at me but his eyes were looking over my shoulder as he spoke, I could tell he didn't really care. When Hilliary Clinton spoke to us I knew she didn't even beleive the things she spoke of. Her and I both knew she was lying.
Charlie Woods.
Samantha- there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy. There is no such thing as Half Off or Longer lasting light bulb. You must wake up and realize that this world is big and people take advantage of youth for more reasons than you could possibly comprehend.

@ Samantha

- the Budget didn't mean jack sh*t as far as making a decision who or how many they sent. That's coming from the assistant department of state head who was answering questions to the committee headed by Issa a few weeks back. Little girl you really need to look at this more closely if you haven't already wasted your "Early voter" vote. You cannot WISH this failure of an Administeation into a Love Story. These policies have been an devestating cancer to this nation! Draw a line- Florida west to Texas and north to Montana. That's a lot of people that have had enough of this Administration. If Hilliary Clinton would have gotten the nod maybe she would win a 2nd but she didn't - DID SHE? The problem with youth is you have no history as of yet. With life comes wisdom and more importantly you acquire a built in Bullshit detector. Life would be so much simpler to leave Obama in but he blew it. He would not budge. Keystone pipeline and insistence on a watered down "Taxed" health care!


It takes one to know one!


Next, Hitler called Benjamin Netanyahu an Anti-Semite.


With so much racial over tone and hatred aimed at the President, Im still scratching my head as to how the he got elected in the first place. Blacks are 13%(count as 12%), Hispanics are 15%(count as 12%) , Gays are 10%(count as 7% unique votes), this equals 31%. The other 20% are white people, mostly youth. This means that 80% of white people, mostly adults, do not want Barack Obama as president. That's saying something. You white people should get over yourselves. Your grandchildren whom you will socialize to hate non whites will have to live in a world that is BROWN. They will have a hard time accepting their world if you fill them up with the same stuff your parents did.

@ Maryjo

Who's the racist here? You said "you white people" If someone says anything against Obama they must be racist right? Not the fact that our country is in turmoil. Who teaches their grandchildren not to socialize with non whites? Not everyone is a racist. But it sounds to me that you are. I live in South Florida, the whites in my area are the minority & many "browns" to quote you teach there children to put down the non whites. Racism is wrong from every race not just from whites & please don't assume that I am a white.

@ Maryjo

Yeah, it's hateful overtones to mention the fact that he knew about the terrorist attack in Benghazi as it happened, refused to send help, and then LIED about it by blaming a video for 2 weeks and claiming it angered a sudden mob-riot. Treason should be overlooked.