Austin Reed Sigg Arrested for Murder of Jessica Ridgeway

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Austin Reed Sigg, a 17-year old Colorado native, has been arrested for the killing of Jessica Ridgeway, a 10-year old in his neighborhood whose body was discovered last Friday.

Austin Reed Sigg Mug Shot

Jefferson County District Attorney Pam Russell told CNN that formal charges of murder and kidnapping will be brought against Sigg on Monday, and he will be tried as an adult.

Ridgeway disappeared on her way to school on October 5. Her corpse (described by authorities as "not intact") was found in a park just five miles from where she and Sigg reside in Westminster.

"We hope and pray that this arrest gives them some measure of closure in dealing with this horrible loss and tragedy they have suffered," Westminster Police Chief Lee Birk told reporters upon taking Sigg into custody.

He is due in court tomorrow at 8 a.m.

There's no word on how Sigg allegedly killed Ridgeway or how the tragic event transpired, but a tip alerted the police to his involvement.


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IT is late for little Jessica. But I thing justice will be served for the little girl and her parents. Law enforcement shoul d put this boy away from society. How come a young boy is capable of doing such a thing. That he snached the girl, do what he did, kill her and dismembering her body and not telling any one and pretendin as if nothing happened? It is chilling. I am very sorry for her mom, who was trying to make ends meet and to have her child die in such a way!
I donot thing this boy is normal. How come and how come! Didn' he show a sign?


There is a good chace that some big butch guy in prison is going to give him exactly what he has coming, and I wouldn't shed a tear if I heard that it happened exactly that way. Sick freak!Even prison has its hierarchy, and child molesters and killers are at the very bottom of the pile. Hope he gets his. Justice prison-style is what's called for if the guy is proven guilty.


a white lunatic with MAKE UP on his eyes want to enter the gay porn business?
................PUBERTY CAN BE DANGEROUS IN AMERICA, folks!!


This is a reason I watch my kid closely. May God see the max punishment for a beautiful little girl. Our hearts go out to Ridgeway family. May Sigg get his


This is the reason parents should watch their kids closely. God bless and comfort the loved ones. Digg should suffer like his victim but that's up to judge.