Anderson Cooper Mocks Bristol Palin "Meltdown," Encourages DWTS All-Star to "Get a Real Job"

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On last night's Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars, Bristol Palin stormed out on partner Mark Ballas during rehearsal because he doesn't want to be her partner.

Anderson Cooper is calling BS ... and calling it brilliant TV.

"Anyone on a reality show knows that to get attention, you have to have a have a wardrobe malfunction, throw up, have a breakdown, have a storyline," he said.

"Bristol Palin is a genius because last night she developed a storyline that made her very sympathetic," AC added, airing a clip from DWTS on his talk show.

Anderson later suggested that the Alaska-bred Bristol reexamine her life.

"I am thinking of starting a job fair for people ... who just need to get jobs, [like] Lindsay Lohan, Bristol Palin. I think they just need to get jobs, stop being on TV!" he mused.

Bristol's mother, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, supported her oldest daughter at Monday's taping, then went on Facebook to praise her and slam the haters.

The Dancing With the Stars results show airs in a matter of hours.

Look for Bristol to survive the double elimination despite her last-place score, then look for the haters to lose their minds, and Sarah Palin to go back on Facebook.

Wash, rinse, repeat ...


After watching the Inauguration today and seeing the Obama girls, you can't help but think that the Obamas are doing a good job of parenting. Wonder at what point Sarah Palin decided that she didn't want to teach her children any family values or give them moral guidance--that getting attention for herself was more important than helping her family. Apparently Sarah Palin realizes that as a parent she has failed miserable and that is why she and Bristol repeatedly make hateful comments about Michelle Obama and Sasha and Malia. I have never heard them say anything mean about the Palins--apparently Sarah is still carrying a grudge and is jealous because the Obama girls act like polished young ladies and the Palin daughters are the town sluts.


What a joke! Both Sarahhhh and Bristol the Pistol have got to be the biggest fame whores in all of Hollywood. They actually think they are stars. Sure is sad that both put getting attention for themselves and making lots of money ahead of protecting their child's privacy and family values. You look at Sarah Palin's kids and wonder why she ever had any of them if she is only interested in herself. Hard to find a more dysfunctional family with a famous parent.


Looks like Anderson Cooper was right--everything Bristol does is planned to get her attention. Getting attention is more important than truthfulness. Bristol makes millions with all her whining but hands down, she is not a likeable person. Palins will knife you in the back if they think they will gain from it. Never trust anything they say. Ask yourself the question why Bristol Palin has so many stalkers--something she is doing or saying is encouraging attention of these kooks. Maybe if she protected her privacy better and wasn't such a fame whore, she wouldn't have so many protective orders to file. She might even have some boyfriends that she didn't have to pay. Living with six guys in three years speaks volumes.


They need to be trust fund babies and come from a weatlhy family like Anderson.


Palins are just interested in promoting themselves. They have made politics a blood sport and this bickering and divisiveness is destroying the country. What the Palins are doing is unAmerican-they are more interested in getting themselves publicity and lining their bank accounts and then when riots and wars are raging, the Palins will lead the fight for Alaska to secede and take all the money the Government has pumped into Alaska and then sell their natural resources to any country that is the highest bidder. They have brought new meaning to being anti-American. Dishonest-self centered-money hungry fame whores who care nothing about the Country and make their money by controversy and dividing the Country.


i think bristol is a very beautiful girl and all of you r jelous of her leave her alone she is just trying to live just like the rest of us

@ linda

No Linda,we are not jealous of Bristol,or any member of her family. The point is we are paying our Cable Company to watch DWTS.Palin is not a star and should not be there for us to have to watch her. All the Professionals and Guest (STARS) have established some form of accomplishments all of which took hard work,years of dedication,etc. She cannot say what she is credited with. That is why we object to her being forced upon us. Her mother will do anything to keep herself in the lime-light until she does some "cramming" where she can actually name some books and mags that she has read. We do not have anything against any of them. We just do not want to know of them. This kind of nepotism by Fox,Len and the T.V networks that impose them on us should be boycotted. How could the show be named DWTS and have someone who has not done anything to earn that respect and designation? That is like selling used,or second-hand goods for first rated cost.


DWTS is rigged! Eventhough this is an all star cast, the winners have either been "heroes" or "princesses" a la Disney. I stopped watching when Mel B. was eliminated. You watch their formula play out for yourselves; either a petite girl-woman will win or a type of hero.

@ Sandee

Give poor little Bristol some credit where credit is due. It's all Levi's fault that he gave her some wine coolers and date raped her. And those bad kids in Juneau forced her to have those underaged drinking parties at the Governor's Mansion while her Mom was travelling and those mean neighbors called the police on her. And then those same kids threatened to rape her if she didn't have more parties. And then she was sent to live with her aunt so her mom wasn't embarrassed. She lived there for five months and was home schooled because she had mono. And then she was on DWTS but she couldn't do any energetic dancing because she had a tumor in her tummy. So her mommy got her an invitation back and wanted her to show that she really truly was an allstar and could get the Palin name more attention. And then those fans didn;t vote often enough so she was kicked off. And then she wanted but didn;t get a nomination for mother of the year after everyone watched her cute little kid slug his aunt, have temper tantrum after temper tantrum and call his aunt a faggot. Bristol told us to watch her show because Tripp did the cutest things--but we don't think the Palin sense of humor is the same as the majority of the viewers. Poor Bristol just doesn't get any breaks--it is hard riding on that gravy train.


@ rick that sissy boy has been to more war torn countries than u could handle. None of u people would have enough balls to go abroad to these places to report the hardships of others. So Cooper may be gay but he has way bigger balls and courage than u scary ass people. U would be crying trying to get the next plane out within minutes.

@ cooper has courage

Well said Cooper. You said everything that has to be said. Thank you.


Sissy boy Candy Cooper knows all about melting down & crying over a man. He does it frequently. He is sooooo jealous of pretty Bristol Palin.


Copper is a fagg. Just like all liberal radicals there is no end to the craving for attention. Maybe copper needs to take another look at his life. His network is among the most biased and least respected. His coming out then explaining why he came out then talking about his feelings of coming out..... are typical gay drama a frankly it bores the piss out of people. We all just wish we could feel the monumental milestones this seems to be but it is nothing more than self serving over rated garbage. Get a life cooper your are just another broke wrist sissy.

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