Amanda Todd: Bullied Teen's Online Memorial Pages Trashed By Haters

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Even after the death of Canadian teen Amanda Todd, whose suicide is being blamed largely on bullying, hateful messages are appearing on online memorial pages.

Messages poking fun at her death and making Todd out to be a villain are followed by reactions from the online community, shaming those bashing her.

Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead in her home Wednesday.

Officials believe she killed herself, and five weeks prior to her death, Todd posted a video (above) sharing that she’d been bullied and attempted suicide once before.

Now, two “R.I.P. Amanda Todd” Facebook pages, which combined had nearly one million likes as of Saturday night, are filled with comments, photos, videos.

Some mourn the loss of the teen, but others had a darker tone.

One picture shows the silhouette of a female body hanging dead with the mocking caption: “Todding.” Other posted a photo allegedly of Amanda Todd topless.

Other doctored photos mock the deceased British Columbian.

“You want to bully. Go for it - but the RCMP has set up an account for information on people who continue to bully her and it will be my pleasure to report you,” responded a Facebook user.

RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen says police are aware of the situation.

“It’s really a matter of those who are involved in it to realize the impact of what they are doing and that they are bordering on criminal acts,” said Thiessen.

“If we get that type of evidence then we would be quick to lay a charge,”

No charges have been laid regarding the bullying of Todd, in large part because it is very complicated to identify when comments become criminal, Thiessen said:

“We are looking at what transpired in regards to Amanda, what transpired on social media, what transpired face to face, who may have had contact with her in that regard, and whether there’s evidence to support any sort of criminal charge to any person or persons who may have had an impact in the type of decision Amanda made.”

“I don’t know that I’m in a position to drill down into those details, but there are a number of areas in the criminal code, where charges can be laid, without getting into what those areas would be, and speculating on that. It’s a matter of accumulating the appropriate evidence to support the appropriate charge.”

What do you think? Should Amanda Todd's bullies face criminal charges?

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quit picking on amanda todd!


I don't act like i know her pain, or that i try to cheer for her. I think i've been trough some very wicked times, but i havent. Amanda Todd was one of the most unlucky girls i have ever heard of, but i don't k.ow how to react because i have.not been trough as horrible things as she had. Even if i didn't know her, now i feel like i should have prayed for her. The next time you call your life tough, think about Amandas life. If you lose your boyfriend/girlfriend and say "i dont want to live anymore" think about what you said. Is one person, whos not your own family, so important that youd end your life? Pathetc! Amanda was brave , abd she deserved a better life. She just didnt get help soon enough... Look around you and be happy that omeone, whos not from your family,comes and says "its alright. Youre going to be fine". ...




I find it funny how some people are like "Stop bullying Amanda, everybody makes mistakes!" and in the very same comment write "Fuck the kids who bullied her! I hope they rot in jail forever!". What a fucking hypocritical thing to say. Before you idiots start passing judgment take a look at yourselves. I personally am out of fucks to give for this spoiled dead prat.

@ Astral

You just called them idiots. Isn't that being a bully????

@ Astral

@Astral - Then why the FUCK are u here???


Okay really people(haters), grow up. I'm not trying to be mean, but damnit I'm getting pissed. I have been bullied to the point where I cut, was in the hospital, I've overdosed on pills, was in the hospital again, I've been in car wrecks and I died once, but was brought back. Death is not something I would want to wish upon anyone. It's scary. When I opened my eyes back up I cried because I thought I was gone forever. It's like you're cut off from air and drowning. I'm a teenager in highschool myself, I have wished myself dead many times, I have atempted death a couple times, and I no longer will sit idlely by and watch as people say such hateful things. As thumper says from Babbie "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything thing at all." Or you could use mine which is a lot more mean.. "Shut the fuck up, grow the fuck up, get a pair of balls, back off, and better yet quit being a hater."


Let me get this straight, all I've read so far is everyone blaming the bullies, but no one has asked where has her family(parents, cousins,etc) been this entire time, cuts are visible can(be hidden I know)but depression is very noticeable. And if they had to keep switching her to different schools the parents should have known something was wrong! Rip Amanda

@ thinking...

Just so you know you are right, cuts are visible and depression in very noticeable. WHAT DO YOU THINK CAUSED THAT! THE BULLIES!!! She wouldn't have cut or been so depressed if she was treated like a human being instead of an animal. As for her parents I think in poor taste to bring them into this when their baby girl is dead and they did everything they could and now her parents are getting bullied too. Of course the parents knew about it. They moved and Amanda changed schools 3 times.


fuck the people who bullied all bully, bullies, and bullyers...i hope you fucking burn in hell...[remix]
Amanda Todd did a lot of bad things but she doens't deserve to be treated like an animal or a trash. She is a human being peoples, no one in this world deserves to be treated like that. picture yourself[bullies] in her shoes. what if they call you the whore or a bitch or a freaking slut? nobody deserves that even though she is 15 and had sex or whatever that is...she doesn't deserve to be treated like a trash! i hope GOD forgives all of them and i hope they will feel like a crap because karma is a bitch--->it goes around and it come around. P.S. people who shit talks about you, ain't got you. so all you do in life is just salute that middle finger and move on....because they can eat that piece of crap... Don't CARE about them...if they call you a whore, they are defining themselves because they are the whore and a stuck up bitches...


you creeps that are sending hate mail about Amanda should be lined up and shot in the head!


You creeps that are sending hatemail should all be lined up and shot in the head!


That so sad and my heart and prayers go's out to her. Family not only to them but to all of the families that has lost a love one to this may the lord have mercy on will come the day when we all have to give a account of our actions to our god..we all have to leave this world someday and be face to face with our Creator..on to then I believe that the man and the kid's that did this should be held accountable for what they did not only in this case but. in all of they cases that. this is happening they very need to Harry up and make a low on this so we

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