Spencer Vegosen: Dating Pippa Middleton?

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We officially totally hate Spencer Vegosen.

That young man is the latest to be linked to Pippa Middleton, and the second just this week as the Duchess' sister makes a high-society tour of New York.

Pippa was first spotted with the junior tennis star yesterday, when the 28-year-old Brit and 24-year-old American got together to watch the U.S. Open.

Here's a photo of the rumored couple:

Spencer Vegosen and Pippa Middleton

Pip, who was also linked to Andre Balazs this week, may have found more suitable "love" with this rumored "match" ... see what we did there tennis fans?

Previously a top junior player, Spencer Vegosen is a Harvard graduate who is said to speak Mandarin Chinese, Classical Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

He may or may not have worked at Goldman Sachs and his father is the president of the U.S. Tennis Association ... not a bad connection for tickets.

Until the next edition of THG's Pippa Middleton Romance Watch ...

[Photo: WENN.com]


Spencer is my big brother. He is the best human on the planet, you only wish you were as amazing as he is. (hence the criticism.) you are just jeaous he got a seat next to pippa. Have a great life, Becase you seems so worried about other people.


I use to work with this kid in 2 years ago in Chicago...he dropped out of Harvard to make a million dollars, wore mesh shorts 5 days a week, slept in the office 3 nights a week on the floor, and went to the equivalent of a truck stop bathroom barefoot.


don't be stupid: WE'RE TALKING PIPPA HERE, folks!!

Wv peach

Who cares.

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