Sean Lowe: The Bachelor Star Confirmed!

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Sean Lowe will star as The Bachelor next season.

While producers and the hunk himself have yet to comment, sources say the casting of the former Bachelorette hopeful is "pretty much done. Sean is our choice."

"We're not in production for another couple weeks," an insider tells E! News, but "I think we finally got everyone to sign off" and Lowe is going to be the guy.

Sean Lowe Shirtless

Sean, who finished third on Emily Maynard's season this spring, beat out Arie Luyendyk, Jr., who was the runner-up to Jef Holm. Arie confirms he's out.

"Just to clarify I will not be the next "Bachelor," Arie tweeted.

ABC has also been filming at Sean's home in Texas already, so it's a done deal, even if the network drags it out and won't issue a statement for a while.

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was also "briefly considered" by the show's producers for the gig at one point, but was "out of the running" as of last week.

Sean Lowe, a 28-year-old insurance salesman from Texas, former college football player and all-around good guy, was a fan favorite to win Emily's heart.

It didn't work out, but we imagine he'll have ladies lining up to take a shot with him this winter, even if he was considered a little bland by some viewers.

What do you think? Sean Lowe as The Bachelor:


I'm so excited that Sean is the bachelor!!! Finally a guy who I think will take this show in another direction...the direction it should be...finding a wife!!! I hope Sean finds a wife and they are so happy in the end. Congrats SEAN and GOOD LUCK may GOD BE WITH YOU!!! You DESERVE IT!!! Prove all the naysayers wrong that this show is just silly...that you can actually find love like Trista and Ryan. Thanks ABC for casting SEAN LOWE!!! I will be WATCHING EVERY SINGLE WEEK NO matter WHAT!!! I can't wait to see what Sean does with this!!!!


Lol The reason I love to watch my guilty pleasure show is for the HILLARIOUS drama. FACT is......when on vacation in gorgeous locations love is blind....back to reality and your eyes are WIDE open. Lol suddenly your guy/gal isn't so perfect but down right BORING and ANNOYING.


Who cares about personality!!! everybody watches these kind of shows for EYE CANDY value. after a hard working day, some juicy ass Sean lowe on my screen, along with a dildo, pillow and blanket, I'm satisfied. As for personality, that's what writers are for. Reality shows do have writers in case any naive people didn't know already..


Oh the new Canadian The bachelor previews look good, he looks like a really nice guy--and has personality, and cute. I hope I am not embarrassed by the girls!!!


Jimmy T,
My thoughts exactly...LOL!!!!!


This guy Sean, although good-looking,and also has a great body, is a good match for the Bachelor, but i have to admit, as good-looking as he is, he's VERY BLAND AND BORING> SORRY.....


his hot!


You know what's a shame, the fact that there was some much talk about this other bachelor coming onto the show who was a basketball player I think and he wouldve been the first African American bachelor remember that? What happened to him? This proves just how racist some TV programing really can be. And ignoring a group of people and pretending that people of color don't exist even if its done through TV, movies, magazines or reality TV as it were is still and always will be racism none the less.


Can I be a contestant? What a hottie!


Really now, should be even care anymore? Sorry, but this season of the Bachelorette almost made me a believer again, but of course, looks like they are done already just like pretty much all of them. So we watch one person play puppeteer with 25 people, pick one in the end, only to break up later on because A, they are consumed with jealousy watching the show afterwards and can't take it, or B, the whole thing goes to their head, and they break up because they are too full of themselves and either cheat or just get unbearable. Why bother?

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