Pattie Mallette Talks Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lack of Sex

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Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez. Sex.

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    It is so easy to judge an condemn shame on those who do it. Pattie is a great role model. Anyone who's never suffered depression an abuse cannot possibly comprehend. For Pattie to share her story show strength an character. Reaching out an letting others know you can overcome is inspiring...


    @Somebody who are SO right!! There is alot of stuff about him that if it came out would ruin his career! It will be interesting the day Salena does decide to talk about that relationship, and I agree he has changed ALOT!! Salena has seen his true colors and witnessed him in action with his Mom, as have a I and very select FEW other people, they do VERY well to keep alot hidden for the sake of his career. He can be VERY sweet, funny, hyper and than instantly transform. Needs serious anger management. As for his Mom I think her revealing what she has is really her way of coping, healing and giving others hope through her story. No she's not trailer trash, very sweet, very humble, lot's of fun and a down to earth real person who despite all of the money and fame has not changed...still the same now as she was when we first met 4 years ago!


    Yeah what his mom said about her rape and stuff would of been okay if she would of said how she overcame it.
    About her talking about Selena I feel by her facial expression she was just saying that so she didn't cause any drama with Selena by going on and saying that Justin is the one who isn't good for Selena. I'm just saying,
    In the 2 years they have been together Justin has changed a lot and not for the good.
    If you look at interviews Selena has done and when she is asked about how her relationship is going with Justin she just say's it good.
    If Selena would write a book about they're relationship. I think that it would ruin Justin's career I'm just saying.
    Now Justin has been asked to play hockey on a Canadian team and supposedly his going to. I don't think that's a wise decision on his part he already has anger issues and now for him to be in hockey will just add more fuel to his anger problems.


    She is weird telling her 13year old boy she was raped. Gheto mama.


    His mom is white trailer Rv trash. Gross tacky.


    I found her actions and story off beat. Why do celebs frecking talk about their life sorrows at the peak of their career?oddly saying.


    Yes seen interview with Kathy.Indeed too much personal info is spoken.She is overboard.


    justin bieber is a one lucky kid.well ,girls like selena gomez&miley cyrus only sticking to them(justin&liam) for their popularity.they are not trust worthy.


    In much respect I think she should of kept her rape,hard drug use ,wanting to abort Justin and trying to commit suicide to herself. Her sons a role model.He is a star.

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