Obama in 1998: I Believe in Redistribution

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An audio recording of President Obama speaking at Chicago's Loyola University in 1998 has surfaced. In it, Obama outlines his belief in the redistribution of wealth.

Then-Illinois State Senator Obama spoke out against "propaganda" that said government doesn't work and the need to use its means to help the less fortunate.

Obama discussed the need to "pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution." Take a listen below ...

The recording, leaked online Tuesday, is the obvious conservative counterpoint to Mitt Romney's "47 percent" comments, which sparked controversy this week.

Similar to the Romney video, Obama the presidential candidate might've chosen different words, but the content of the remarks is fairly consistent for him.

Not to mention the Democratic Party platform in general, really.

In fact, Obama spoke of the need to "spread the wealth around" on the campaign trail in 2008, a sound bite rival John McCain hammered him over (to no avail).

Given sufficient time to articulate his economic positions (see Obama on Letterman last night), they would surely be more palatable to independent voters.

Like Romney, his views wouldn't change much, however.

The difference in worldview between the two candidates is stark, but these videos don't reveal much of anything new to people who've paid attention all along.

That said, what choice are you making in 2012?

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