One Direction Video Music Awards Performance: Watch Now!

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One Direction sang about that "One Thing" at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, but the young British studs had three things to celebrate when the night was over.

Three trophies, that is, as the group took home Most Share-Worthy Video and Best Pop Video for “What Makes You Beautiful," along with Best New Artist overall. Not a bad haul, huh?

What's all the excitement about?

Check out One Direction below and see what makes the gals scream:

Other performances of note from the VMAs:


I'm IMMENSELY proud of them, they never gave up. Their families support them, they are happy, and living life! I pray for ALL of them... I can only DREAM to do what they do, very lucky, one in a million chance, cherish EACH and EVERY moment guys! (: Have fun... u guys are ALWAYS in my prayers


What do you mean who are they? They are ONE DIRECTION. They are the greatest source of music and entertainment this world has ever known. They have the five most amazing voices ever. They are amaZAYN, extraordinHARRY, phinomiNIALL, fabLOUIS, and absolutly brilLIAM. So now you know who they are please do not ask that question again.


Who are they?

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