Nazanin Boniadi: Tom Cruise Wife Candidate Becomes Internet Fascination

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Ever since Vanity Fair's cover story alleged that members of the Church of Scientology vetted possible wives for Tom Cruise, Nazanin Boniadi has been in the spotlight.

Little known if at all in the U.S., the Iranian-born, London-raised actress, whose friends call her "Naz," has been referred to as the "Persian Audrey Hepburn."

Obviously it didn't work out for Nazanin Boniadi, who's appeared on General Hospital and How I Met Your Mother, and Cruise, who wed Katie Holmes in 2006.

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She isn't quoted in the VF article, but director Paul Haggis (a known critic of the Church of Scientology) says that Boniadi shared her 2004-05 ordeal with him.

Boniadi hit it off with him at first, but refused to indulge Tom Cruise in public displays of affection and was ultimately dispatched by Scientology higher-ups.

From there she was sent to church headquarters in Florida, where she was punished and made to clean toilets with a toothbrush for speaking about Cruise.

Reps for Cruise have denied the contents of the article, as has the Church, but not before it further fed into the firestorm over Scientology's cult-like reputation.

From the sound of it ... Naz might've dodged a bullet on this one.



Nazanin had followed the church of Scientology with her mum for ten years and she reached a high level in there, I know her very well and she has been involved too! So that now she needed to become centre of attention and she went out with Tom. Most properly her mum is behind all these!


Thank God, Nazanin Boniadi is no longer part of that cult. She is smart, intelligent, gorgeous, a great actress who cares deeply for mankind which shows through her human rights activities as the spokeperson for Amnesty International for the past 3 years.
Hope Tom Cruise and his criminal cult leader David Miscavige received the justice they deserve, behind bars.


This cult keeps on lying and denying on every truth that is published. What a scam they are! Why aren't they shut down yet!
Nazanin Boniadi's experience is 100% TRUTH which Tom Cruise and David Miscavige (cult leader) feel threatened by it. Well, at the end TRUTH will always win!
Just wondering why would Bert Field or any PR for Tom Cruise and the spokeperson for the church would call this story false when they were not even there with Nazanin Boniadi for all the abuses and punishment she experienced in the hand of cult leader David Miscavige and his "buddy" Tom Cruise???


........let's hope she too is fucked up.


She should be thanking her lucky stars she is not with that nut job!

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