Maria Shriver: FURIOUS With Arnold Schwarzenegger, 60 Minutes

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's new book and 60 Minutes' piece on him are not sitting well with his estranged wife Maria Shriver, with a source close to her calling it a huge "blow j-- for Arnold."

Maria's main beef, besides the whole Mildred Patricia Baena love child thing? That 60 Minutes never contacted her for comment on Arnold's new memoir Total Recall.

According to TMZ, producers called friends of Maria last Monday, after Schwarzenegger's 60 Minutes interview was shot, to see if she had a general comment about it.

The producer wouldn't give specifics about what The Expendables 2 actor said in the interview, however, or the book - which she hasn't even seen a copy of.

The piece was already done, and Maria Shriver had "no interest" in commenting.

A Maria source says, "The piece is a blow j-- for Arnold. Lesley Stahl just fawned over him ... She knows the book is a big PR stunt to get back in the public's good graces."

As for whether Maria will read the book ... don't bet on it.

"What Maria has already been through ... nothing surprises her anymore," the source says.

Arnold and Maria separated last year following revelations that he knocked up housekeeper Baena more than a decade ago. They have four children together.

Shriver and Schwarzengger remain married ... technically.


Although I can't agree with what Arnold did, he is still Arnold, perhaps Maria had some affairs as well, its just that she never got caught... I know that is lame but might've happened...Arnold definitely did not seem too happy at some point in the relationship and made a mistake, once about close to 28-30 years ago with Bridgette (young and dumb) and next a decade ago with the maid (possible unhappiness), but he has admitted it and deserves another chance especially when there is nothing else left for him really especially at the age of 65...


I pray for Maria and her children. She is so sweet and I genually have such compassion and concern for her after what her sleezebag husband did to her, wrecking her whole life and the lives of their children just because he couldn't zip his zipper and most people do such things thinking they will never get caught. That's what they are sorry for - that they got cought. Why would anybody want to read his book or see his movies? He barely speaks English and is a discrace!!


Who knows better what goes on behind the scenes than a former HOLLYWOOD MADAM?
I exposed Arnold committing INDECENT EXPOSURE in public along with his connection to a MANSON MURDERER in my memoir "DEATH ROW MADAM: EXPOSING SEX AND DRUGS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY" which was published prior to all of the groping of women charges or his fathering a child with the maid came to light. -Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam


Old Arnie lowered himself even further then he did in the bed of all his flings, by writing about it, I guess if his estranged wife and his children want to know what has been going on behind their backs all these years they will have to read it in his book, getting the truth straight out of that Jack asses mouth ain't gonna happen.


Whoa! This definitely sounds like a heated interview! I can’t believe they didn’t give Maria a chance to tell her side of the story. I hate to admit it, but I’m intrigued to see what Arnold has to say for himself about the whole debacle. I had no idea it was going to be on last night, but at least it’s not too late for me to watch it. Since my Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime feature auto-recorded that and everything else on the major networks during primetime hours, I have the entire interview waiting for me to watch when I get home tonight from my office at DISH. Maybe Maria will do a retaliation interview! Oh the Schwarzenggers never fail at being entertaining!


God, some of you are so stupid ....He very clearly said he'd rather not talk about the affair because of the pain it was causing his family, but "it's what people are most interested in'"so of course he has to comment on it during an interview when he is being asked direct questions! DUH
The book is primarily about his life and success NOT about his cheating...
He looked uncomfortable when confronted and seemed tight lipped....I don't know where the hell you people see that he is getting off on all this?!
Millions of viewers tune in to find out just what happened in the affair and then he answers and he's gets castigated for admitting it....


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This guy is DISGUSTING! It's bad enough he had a love child with the hired help, but now he has to tell everyone about his affair with that tramp Bridgette Nielson? For what, a few bucks??? Never mind the pain and embarrassment you are causing Maria, but what about the the pain and embarrassment you are causing your children? Absolutely disgusting!


the best things really happen in L.A., folks!!


Arnold is a moronic dirtball!!!!! The more he tries to justify his arrogant, bullying and cheating ways, that's how EVEN MORE FOOLISH he looks. Maria put up with his sorry ass for way too long. Arnold has the charm, sensitivity and intelligence of a very condemned building...JACKASS!!!!! TEAM MARIA!!!!!!

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