Macaulay Culkin: Depressed, Sad and Lonely?

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Macaulay Culkin may not be on drugs, but he is not doing so hot. A friend describes him as depressed, sad, lonely and attempting to recapture his childhood.

Weeks after the National Enquirer called Macaulay Culkin a heroin addict and said he was at death's door, reports say the Home Alone star is very depressed.

An insider close to Culkin says he is not doing well and has been attempting to relive his childhood and has been engaging in increasingly strange behavior.

Macaulay Culkin Photo

That includes hosting costume parties where guests are invited to come dressed as a movie character or dinosaur. "He likes to live as a child," says the source.

"Growing up has not been good to Macaulay."

A former colleague says Culkin is a "sad and lonely figure," and attributes his depression to his inability to land roles in recent years; he last acted in 2010.

The actor denies he's on drugs, but the Enquirer stood by its initial shocking story and encouraged the 32-year-old actor to seek help for his problems.

In February, his reps also denied allegations that the actor was gravely ill after gaunt photos of Culkin emerged. He looks healthier in recent months, though.

In fact, Culkin has been working on several paintings which he'll be exhibiting this week, and has been using his New York apartment as a studio. So that's good.

Here's hoping these are just rumors and that Mac is back and better than ever.



U rock dude


My younger kids luv him they r 7and 9.they wa tch him in home alone a lot.I wish him all the luck in the world! Rock on baby


you have money and fame smile, because you could be living my life!


Me and my kids watch ur films all the time!
I think it's time for a come back! Home alone
3 with u as the dad! :) ( I know there's like home alone
3,4 but they don't count cos ur not in them!)
Ps my son looks so much like u in home alone :)


I love you Mac! I wish I could meet you :D


If you need a friend, i am yur bridge over troubled waters....steve


I watched home alone. Lost in new york y-day and I still have to say I know every word. Lol. I think it would be awsome if you starred in another one. How funny would that be.....


God is your helper shall overcome..we love u...


I love you, Macaulay!


his NOSE still isn't collapsing?