Macaulay Culkin: Heroin Addict?

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Is Macaulay Culkin addicted to heroin?

The 31-year-old is, according to a shocking new tabloid report, allegedly using a deadly mix of potent pre­scription drugs and desperately needs help.

According to the National Enquirer (we know), Culkin shoots up heroin and the powerful prescription painkiller oxycodone and has overdosed once.

Macaulay’s legal team strenuously denies the report, as well as claims that the actor bought thousands of dollars of prescription drugs recently.

Macaulay Culkin Picture

According to the Enquirer, Culkin spends up to $6,000 a month on drugs, namely some dangerous painkillers, and his apartment has become a "drug den."

The once golden boy’s drug use is said to have started 18 months ago, amid a declining career and the end of his romance with actress Mila Kunis.

Drugs or no drugs, he's lost a lot of weight in the past year, as evidenced by these gaunt Macaulay Culkin photos published in February.

“Macaulay Culkin is hooked on drugs and it’s killing him!” said a source close. "Mac is surrounding himself with junkies and lowlifes. It’s a real tragedy.”

Another close friend claims to have witnessed Culkin’s drug use and said his friends are afraid for his life: “Macaulay Culkin is surely dying."

"He’s addicted to heroin, oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin. I have witnessed his drug taking, which has escalated over the past year and a half."

“His closest friends fear that he’ll overdose or his heart will explode. If he doesn’t get help and enter rehab now, he could be dead in six months.”

Here's hoping this report is bogus, which it probably is, and in the event that it's not, that Culkin seeks help immediately, if not sooner.



I have adored McCauly for so many years, he needs to get some help and clean up his life. I was once strung out on drugs for over 20yrs
you can do it baby, "GET YOUR LIFE CLEAN"


Someone should rent "Less Than Zero" and get him to watch it with them. Even if half of what they say is true, he is in a world of hurt.


by the looks of this pic, he's got everything going for him to be placed in a coffin!!!!


oo MG i cant belive it ..This man was very nice as a child
OmG ..I can not believe how it's done...:( :( its soo ......


I love him so much, this is very sad.


to shame,
give me a break moron, you believe everything you read? "No smoke without fire, he looked scary in 2012. Hopefully he'll get clean, do it man. Save your life while you still can." Just because some "gossip" magazine says it does not make it true!!! They never said they had facts or nothing. They see him skinny and make accusations-
"accusations- making up rumors of someone" get a clue!!!


No smoke without fire, he looked scary in 2012. Hopefully he'll get clean, do it man. Save your life while you still can.


Omg like I totally freaken feel like so bad for like him omg !!!!


poor dude.
I feel for him.( sad )


Maybe he isn't addicted to heroin. Maybe he's addicted to looking like a heroin addict... All frail and pasty n sht

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