Lady Gaga Rocks Burqa, Furs, "C--t" Bedazzled Handbag

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Lady Gaga definitely checked all the potentially offensive boxes with this getup:

  1. One sufficiently blinged-out burqa.
  2. 3-4 dead raccoons (or so it appears).
  3. Clutch bedazzled with an the word c--t.

Good times.

Lady Gaga, Burqa
Lady Gaga, Burka

While leaving the Philip Treacy fashion show in London, the singer donned a getup so ridiculous, it's almost as if it were specifically designed to beg for controversy.

Actually, that's probably a fairly realistic assessment.

Lady Gaga slammed PETA in August after being called out by the animal rights group. It looks like she's sticking to her guns (furs) with this patently absurd ensemble.

She and Girls' Lena Dunham should get together.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


So sick of her now..she was okay in the beginnning. The dead babies all around her body and the meat, she's a fruit cake..and I hope the kids see this. She's caring about how they treat you it seems, but its herself she's thinking about, how she was treated. Find a spiritual leader, Lady Coo Coo, and maybe you can be back on top again. Peace


that is terrible!!! i am so not a lady gaga fan any more. I support peta one hundred percent of the time and that is not even right.


Most things Gaga does makes no sense so this is just another attention grabbing headline. She is actually becoming a joke but sure this appeals to her adolscent fans.with all her talent and money one must wonder why she has turned herself into a trick pony.


why?????? where does she buy these things??????

Wv peach

She's a dingbat. I don't understand the correlation of this wardrobe to anything. (side eye)....


This is disrespectful,ignorant and starving for attention. But hey, in your words in being "UNIQUE". Please beleive there is a difference


She is doin perfume cuz he fame monsters are disappearing.


I love Gaga but I think she's another young celebrity heading for a meltdown


I adore Gaga for being unique...but seriously fame is certainly gone to her head that outrageous outfits and accessories have become normal to her (n)


What the fuck is wrong with her? She's losing her damn mind, and she's just begging for attention.

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