Kristen Stewart Makes First Post-Scandal Public Appearance

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Last night, Kristen Stewart chose a very good time to make her first public appearance since photos surfaced of the actress getting to first base with Rupert Sanders.

While most of the entertainment world was watching the MTV Video Music Awards - which included an appearance by Robert Pattinson and other Twilight Saga castmates, who introduced a new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer - Stewart walked the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festival.

Along with costars Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund, she was on hand to promote On the Road and she wore a Zuhair Murad dress for the occasion.

Stewart doesn't exactly look thrilled to be at the premiere. But does she ever? You're more likely to see Kristen wear a "Take Me Back, Rob!" t-shirt on the red carpet than you are to see here don a smile...

  • Kristen Stewart at On the Road Premiere
  • Kristen Stewart at Toronto Film Festival
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stewart u dnt dserve rob. i find you ugly n a cheater. feckin page


I love her in all the movies she has been in and I hate how women are always the ones who are blamed for cheating I mean the guy was married and yet kristan is the one who is getting shirts saying shes a slut. Keep your head held high girl!!


Looking good kirsten keep ur chin up girl


Yeah, I agree - haven't they bashed this poor girl enough? My experience is that "the beatings will continue" until her morale improves. Leave her the hell alone - she is shy. My son is the same way, but he is truly an adorable person and makes me laugh.


I dont knw y people think k-stew is arrogant just coz she's nt the talkative kind.if u've really watched any of her interviews then u'll realise that she's just a shy gal who lyks her privacy and isnt used 2 fans following her everywhere.i'm not an expert but isnt it obvious that k-stew is the shy type?so STOP thinking ill of her!


Stewart looks lovely - no getting away from that. What a shame this rag can't get away from the a story that is becoming very old and dull. There was no "scandal"(unless the word has been downgraded). Stewart kissed a married man with children who was twice her age. She has apologised and has said it was wrong, but it wasn't a scandal. She had a boyfriend at the time but her perpetrator has got off scott free (and he was in a much more responsible position). She is being constantly goaded and hung out to dry. What on earth would they be doing if she had actually slept with him? Leave her alone now - this reporting is turning into bullying.


Want the guy she was kissing her boss? He should be held accountable. She use to play on Young and the restless and Mrs Chancelors grand daughter. Same demenior. Thats just her unless she's kissing I


Lee I agree with you! I keep hoping that her personality will approve with maturity. She's probably extremely socially awkward and is trying to cover her insecurity by acting aloof and superior. Who knows. I thought she looked lovely at the VMAs but there is something very different about her face in the pictures. Maybe its just from having her hair pulled back.


Not a fan of hers. I've watched her in a couple of interviews & found her to be very distant & unapproachable-in other words, a bitch. In most photographs, she has a puss on & has a constipated look on her face.


kristen she's beautiful is that dress
I hope everyting will be fine, kristen you and rob belong together love you