This clip from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards. It has fans rather excited.

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but im not going to be here
but i will come back


hi shaniel how are you doing tonight
my name is melissa kaye spradlin im tods daughter but you can call me melissa if you want to it dusnt mattler to me
wish every you want i dont care to me
you can message back to me if you want to you can talk to me to so

Shaniel birch

and we want something to blowww our minds!!!!!!!!!!

@ shaniel birch

hi shaniel will you talk to me please i want to ask you some thing please

Shaniel birch

listen up authors of this show u need to change most concept of this movie cause its predictable and i hate that!!!!


He must of forgotten he basically lifted he of her last boyfriend. i guess he is i love u untill kind of guy.

@ mbella

hi bella my name is melissa kaye spradlin how are you doing tonight

@ melissa

bella you can message back to me and i can anger you back how about that

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