Khloe Kardashian: My Family Hates Me!

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Take comfort, Kourtney Kardashian.

You aren't the only talent-free reality star to feel all alone these days.

According to Kardashian insiders, Khloe is miserable at the moment, actually screaming during a recent fight with her supposed loved ones: "My family hates me!"

Hey, Khloe Kardashian!

What's the source of this anger?

Khloe's fertility issues, which a friend says have landed her in therapy and which have allegedly led to Kris Jenner suggesting Kim Kardashian get knocked up in order to create drama for the show.

“Kris sank so low as to suggest that Kim get pregnant in order to hurt Khloe and create tension in the family for ratings,” claims a source. “Khloe has been a wreck over not being able to get pregnant, and Kris hasn’t been there for Khloe in the least.”

We'd chalk this report up as nonsense... but have you ever met Kris Jenner? We put nothing past her.


Live the kris alone ,she is having fun


Thats just wrong what kris is tryin to do to khloe. Khloe is my fav. She deserve a baby. I hopes she has one b4 Kim does, just so she can rub it in her face. She might have the looks but kloe has more brains. and Kim's so conceded,and self centered It ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I like all of them. But like someone else said its about the up bringing. U can just tell that kris raised them to be money hungry attention pheens. Cuz look how the other younger ones r turning out. She should let her girls b there own person instead of tryin to live her life thru her girls. If kris reads this "u can do better" and as for khloe ur Goin to have a baby just be patient an don't worry about it so much. Ur have a baby when the times right for u.


Khloe is my favourite in the family. She doesn't care about fame as much as others do and she's bn working really hard 2 keep her marriage, wish u all d best. To kourtney, u've got to stop d attitude of"I don't care" bcos no matter what scott is still d father of your chidren wether legally married or not if u don't want to end up being ur mum bcos she's totally a jerk. Kris jenner is a nasty piece of work,i hate her. Kim don't even have a husband yet, when her sisters are married, well may b she wuld get 1 when she is old enough 2 b a grandma.


We should deport Kris Jenner to Alaska, but I wouldn't want to do that to the penguins. If Kris really tried to convince Kim to get pregnant to add drama to the show, she deserves to be sent far far far away! Everyone hates you Kris Jenner! She deserves to rot in hell!




Khloe's my favourite , but i like Kim and Kourtney too ! But Jenner on the other hand , she's a naasty piece of work . FameWhore .


I hate khloe too, she annoys me, kourtney is the only one i like


Khloe is probably the most down to earth, real Kardashian. She's probably the only one who doesn't care as much about attention and fame. I feel sorry for her for not being able to get pregnant. Kris is probably the worst mother on earth. The things she says and tries to make her daughters do is ridiculous. She's always hurting Khloe's feelings. And Kim is just a fake, attention craving nobody. Plus she's really clueless.


These girls like dark chocolate, don't they!!!


Is it just me or does this chick look like Elvis? Forget OJ, I'd be finding out if Elvis was her daddy.


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